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MarTech Management Solutions

MarTech. Making modern marketing possible.

Encyclopedia MarTecha 📚

MarTech - All the technologies that power your marketing.

Platforms powering digital presence: Enterprise Content Management, Mobile, and Social Media Management Platforms

Platforms powering Marketing Campaigns: Enterprise marketing Automation, Journey Orchestration, and Email Platforms

Platforms powering Marketing Analytics: Digital Analytics & Personalization, Modelling / ML and Data Mining, Marketing Data Marts and Customer Data Platforms

Other tech ≠ MarTech 👊

MarTech is ubiquitous. Yet enterprises struggle to select, implement, use, maintain, and optimize their MarTech stack.

Unlike other tech, MarTech is a different bowl of bologna. Treating MarTech platforms like other tech platforms is a sure-fire way to poor usage and screwed-up implementations.

An efficient MarTech platform must meet the needs of the marketing team. Period. Yet, we all know several brands with sky-high MarTech stacks, struggling to show ROI.

Presenting Xerago's MarTech Management Solution 👨‍🔧

Imagine a world where marketing velocity revs smoothly. Audience interactions are omnichannel. Decisions are data driven. There is clarity of purpose. Tools work. Surround systems and channels are integrated into one happy family. Tortoise paced platforms are a distant memory.

Your MarTech stack is lean, mean and goes vroooom. Always on. Always updated. Scalable. Secure. Sensational.

Xerago's MarTech Management makes this a reality.

Xerago's MarTech Management - Available only in XL, XXL, and XXXL 📏

  • Are you a mid-market or enterprise brand?
  • Looking to modernize your MarTech platforms?
  • Unhappy with the results from your existing tools?

  • Not sure if some new piece of tech will cut it?
  • Too many dysfunctional MarTech pieces?

Xerago offers both Regular and Comfort Fits.

What's included. What's not. 🤝

Managing platforms is covered

We cover entire MarTech lifecycle. Identification, implementation, integration with upstream and downstream systems and management of MarTech platforms.

Operating MarTech is optional

Want us to use your MarTech to provide Marketing Services? Check out Digital Presence Management, Campaign Management, Digital and Data Analytics and Digital Marketing solutions.

Managing other tech is out of scope

Not to belabor the obvious, but ERP, HRM, and other tech is not in our bailiwick.

Why Xerago?

MarTech, not TechMar 🚫

We comprehend your marketing goals. Then we look under the hood. Identify and address the gaps in your existing stack.

By beginning goal first, we see the path. What tech is needed, what is not, and what gets you there.

We realized long ago that pure-play tech players don't quite get marketing. But we know that MarTech begins with Marketing, not Tech. That is how we deliver ROI from MarTech.

MarTech end-to-end

Marketing folks in love with a new tech?

We help you identify the right solution, implement and manage it from marketing end-users PoV. So they can be happily ever after.

Marketing team having a hard time with siloed tech pieces?

We integrate standalone platforms. Connect data sources and communication channels. And maintain those on an ongoing basis.

Want us to take charge of existing stack?

We provide ongoing technical support. Monitor and fine tune performance. Make it fully secure. And upgrade to the latest versions. To fulfill our tech on tap promise.

Nothing slips through the cracks with Xerago.

Lesser mortals install. We implement. 🚀

Traditional system integrators go by the book. They install applications and make platforms accessible.

Whereas we implement your MarTech platforms to make them usable by marketing users and help achieve marketing goals.

We configure, customize, and integrate with existing data sources, workflows, surround systems and channels. Even if this needs lateral workarounds. And when we have to jump through technical hoops, we put LeBron James to shame.

Flip your MarTech fails 🪙

You buy some piece of MarTech. Your System Integrator sets it up without understanding the marketing context. Your team struggles with it. You are forced to replace it with another. Endless loop. Soon, you end up with that uncomfortable MarTech bloat. And as marketing head honcho, it is your bloat to bear!

We have encountered this many times. We have handled over 100+ MarTech implementations, since 2005. Invariably we are able to make process, tech, data and environmental changes to turnaround your failed MarTech.

Marketing and Tech - Yin and Yang ☯️

Xerago has a number of MarTech Management customers from the IT side. IT teams realize that marketing understanding is essential for managing MarTech. That is why they choose to work with Xerago than their usual IT vendor.

Xerago is as competent at handling the tech layer, as it is at the marketing layer. We are unique that way.

That is how we help the IT team shine, meet the needs of the marketing team, and ensure the relationship between marketing and IT is as harmonious as yin and yang.

ROI Assurance 💰

Xerago assures RoI from MarTech through alignment.

  • Align platforms and features to your marketing objectives
  • Align implementation to marketing end-users
  • Align performance to achieve marketing scale

Once we have aligned MarTech to your Marketing, how can ROI not be assured?

911 for MarTech ✨

Most enterprises have different systems handling different functions. Not everything is connected though. Some platforms are open. Many others are closed. Many don't offer APIs. No sweat.

We connected open source databases to unsupported enterprise marketing automation tools. We connected Siebel with Unica! We built native drivers for connecting Netezza. We worked on retail DWHs where it was supposedly impossible.

If your MarTech has a tech challenge, 911 Xerago.


Making redundancies redundant 💪

Every MarTech platform claims to do everything. They are riddled with redundancies. Campaigns? Sure. Landing pages? Sure. Social Media? Sure. Analytics? Sure. Which tool is right for which job.

Having lived with MarTech platforms for 15+ years, we know the right tool for the right job. Which offers the most bang for the buck. Which has the most powerful features. Which has the capability to meet your specific use-case. We make your MarTech stack lean, mean and clean.

Up-to-date? Yes. Downtime? Haha. 😆

Sign up with Xerago. Get the comfort of having your MarTech stack up-to-date.

New release? We have a team of dwarfs diligently poring over the new features. Who validate the impact and business value. We pick what is most useful for your marketing environment.

We get your marketing users access to the latest and greatest features. And insulate you from the perils of outdated platforms.

The best part? We upgrade with minimal impact on your marketing operations. Dwarfspeak: There. Is. No. Downtime.

Offshore. Yet right next to you. 🌊

Xerago manages your MarTech from offshore centers. We work for many global clients, including financial institutions, for whom data security is a big deal. So, you are not affected by talent limitations and attrition.

Our team members are connected to environments in 20 different countries as we write this, over Secure VPN connections. We offer MarTech support 24x7, 12x5, 8x5, in your preferred time zone.

Though offshore, we are just one mouse click or iMessage away.

Infosec safe 🔒

  • Our delivery infrastructure and processes are certified compliant with SoC2 Type 2, CAN-SPAM, GDPR, CCPA, CASL, COPPA, and GLBA.
  • As part of MarTech management, we mostly deal with systems and not data.

  • However, for assignments where we need to work with your data, we connect over secure VPN to your platforms.
  • Whether your data is in DMZs, within your premises, or in the Cloud, it never leaves your secure environment.

If it's an enterprise MarTech stack, Xerago can manage!

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MarTech Management Capabilities

Xerago MarTech Management Capabilities 🛎️

  • MarTech Advisory (Requirements Analysis, Feature Discovery, Platform Comparison, Recommendation)
  • Implementation and Integration
  • Version Upgrades
  • Application Support and Maintenance

Our MarTech Management Workflows


Vertical Line

Understand business needs and existing stack

Oval Copy
arrow down
green arrow

Analyze gaps and determine features for gap closure

Oval Copy
arrow down
green arrow

Shortlist potential platforms

Oval Copy
arrow down
green arrow

Procure the platform that offers the right fit

Oval Copy
arrow down
green arrow

Platform implementation from marketing end user perspective

Oval Copy
arrow down
green arrow

Design use cases to demonstrate implementation completion

Oval Copy
arrow down
green arrow

Demonstrate execution of use cases

Oval Copy
arrow down
green arrow

Train the users

Oval Copy
arrow down
green arrow

Production migration and maintenance kick-off

Oval Copy

Maintenance ⚙️

Xerago executes all business-initiated maintenance activities with high priority. All standard maintenance activities will be executed in line with the standard SLAs and TATs. Slightly longer activities such as upgrades will be delivered as per the agreed project plan.


This is your chance to hangout with great company

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manages your MarTech

What if Xerago manages your MarTech stack?

  • One-stop-shop for all MarTech needs
  • No deadweight tools whatsoever
  • Assured availability, performance, and fitment into marketing workflow
  • Assured increase in marketing velocity
  • Assured ROI on MarTech investments
  • Prospects and customers get stellar experiences

From-the-trenches real-life victories

Just so you know some of what we have already done


Global agriscience brand


Setup centralized marketing automation system

What we did

  • Full cycle implementation of the platform for the central market
  • Implementation image creation
  • Image replication for all markets
  • User access management
  • Ongoing maintenance


100% control on marketing programs


Global payments brand


Failed campaign management platform implementation

What we did

  • Extensive review of implemented systems
  • Performed re-implementation
  • Integrated missed out channels
  • Process re-engineering
  • Technical maintenance


5X increase in campaign velocity with ZERO increase in headcount


Large multichannel retailer


Lack of internal expertise to modernize MarTech stack

What we did

  • Platform identification
  • Platform procurement
  • MarTech stack implementation
  • Technical maintenance
  • Test bed maintenance
  • Version upgrade
  • License optimization


100% availability of platforms when needed

We value our customers' business.
But we long for their love.

We work with few clients.
Just the good ones.

Schedule a consult if you qualify 👉🏻

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You are a mid-market or enterprise brand

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You are looking to modernize your MarTech stack

Group 6 Copy 35

You are not happy with your existing tools

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You need a bankable partner to support your stack

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