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MarTech Management


Whatever your marketing tech stack, Xerago can manage it for you as part of our martech management services.

Our team of MarTech experts will work with you to evaluate, choose, implement, and optimize your existing platforms, managing upgrades, migrations, tech support and integrations, so you can see real, demonstrable business results. We work with you right from selection and implementation to continuous optimization and support.

We tap into the power of data and use various technologies, platforms and processes.

  • Personalization and Optimization
  • Web, Mobile and Social Analytics
  • Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning
  • Martech Management
  • Content Management
  • Digital Asset and Marketing Resources Management

MarTech Management covers implementation, day-to-day operations, technical maintenance, migration, integration, version upgrades, license and performance optimization of MarTech platforms.

  • Have platforms in place that are running well?
    We take over and manage.
  • Have platforms in place, but have scope for improvement?
    We take over, augment and manage.
  • Have platforms in place but not happy with them?
    We replace and manage.
  • Don't have platforms at all?
    We will set up our own MarTech stack for you and manage.

Advantages of Xerago MarTech Management

  • Blended Cost for
    Minimal Payout

    The cost of tool licenses, hardware and people to manage the platforms are all blended resulting in significantly lesser pay-out.
  • Dedicated Team for
    Zero-Friction Tech

    Finally a technology team that exists for the sole purpose of supporting marketing needs.
  • MarTech Specialists for
    Marketing Impact

    Because we specialize exclusively in MarTech management, we know how to implement and integrate technologies that actually make marketers' life easy.

You’re in Great Company!

Here are some of our clients for whom we handle Martech Management.


What our Customers are Saying


Good job. Well done. The optimization that you have done surely has helped us a lot. Keep up the good work.


What our Customers are Saying


Well done for this significant milestone in the new campaign journey that DBS has embarked on. Most importantly, the project team achieved all the milestones on time as planned despite some hiccups.


Some Success Stories

Management of Enterprise Marketing Management Platform for Hdfc Bank for Over a Decade

Multiple Martech Platforms Management for Kotak Bank

Delivering Personalization to Matrimony.Com’s Subscribers with Enterprise Marketing Platforms

Explore the Possibility of Setting up Xerago's Marketing CoE to Manage your Martech Platforms

Our Account Manager will get in touch. Our sales engagement will be low-touch, non-pushy and led by senior folks who will respect your time as much as they expect you to respect theirs. 

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    MarTech Management is one of the key aspects of marketing transformation in Xerago's Marketing CoE