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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing New 3

Search Engines generate the majority of all web traffic and only when you outrank your market rivals on search, you have a better shot at outperforming them in business. So our Digital Marketing Services are geared towards driving Search traffic to your website. We do this in two ways – Organic and Paid Media.

Organic Efforts

Digital Marketing New 3

Our organic efforts to increase high search rankings is multi-pronged and covers SEO, Social Media, Content (video included) and Influencer Marketing.

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Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO involves on / off page strategies and the creation of high-quality content that drives organic search traffic and boosts your site’s visibility in search results.

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Content Marketing

We help you offer content that connects customers with your brand with a Content Strategy that covers the creation, distribution, analysis and optimization of content.

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Influencer Marketing

We craft influencer marketing strategies, helping you connect with top influencers, and handling everything from strategy to execution, tracking and measuring performance.

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Social Media Marketing

We offer strategic consultancy in Social Media Marketing and implementation across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

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Video Production and Marketing

We help customers make story-driven videos to market their brand, service and products, designing within their brand guidelines and communicating clearly.

Paid Efforts


The focus here is on paid rankings and include display and social advertising, PPC and online reputation management.

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Display Advertising / Pay per Click

We can help you with everything from ad creation to targeting optimization and analytics assessment.

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Online Reputation Management

We help improve your brand image in the digital space, be it Google search results or social media, etc. promoting positive messaging and suppressing the irrelevant.

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Social Advertising

We help you track user behavior across the internet on various social media platforms and use that information to build a result-oriented social media advertising strategy.

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    Digital Marketing is One of the Key Aspects of Marketing Transformation in Xerago's Marketing CoE