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Digital Marketing Solutions

Intro to Xerago Digital
Marketing 👋

Digital marketing across every channel. Paid. Organic. Influencer. Social. Video. Helping mid-market and enterprise brands achieve brand and business goals.

Want end-to-end? Or just a piece of the puzzle? Xerago can handle it.

Some clients use us to optimize media spends. Others route their media ops through us. Some others just want our Organic expertise.

With a combined media clout of over $250 million spanning direct buys as well as client buys, Xerago can manage any Digital Marketing need.

We use a special Digital Marketing sauce 👩🏼‍💻

Xerago takes an integrated view of digital marketing. Our roots are in traditional brand advertising.

So, the digital marketing that Xerago does is aligned to your overall brand and business objectives rather than just helping organizations achieve tactical traffic, CPA, or CAC goals.

What makes Xerago different 👨🏼‍🔧

Sometimes, there's lack of organic results. Sometimes its urgency to demonstrate immediate benefits. Regardless, brands with more budgets than intelligence end up overspending on media.

Xerago is different. Our compensation is not tied to your ad spend. To achieve your brand and business objectives, Xerago employs a comprehensive marketing strategy with a media mix comprising Organic and Paid Search, Programmatic, Display, Social, Content and Influencer Marketing.

what makes xerago different

Is Xerago the one? 😎


We are either your best choice

  • Want to add intelligence to your acquisition process?
  • Want digital marketing that aligns with your brand awareness / traffic /
    acquisition goals?
  • Already have a global AOR, but want someone to complete the missing pieces?

Or not

  • Want to drive the cost down aggregating media buys of hundreds of millions using a global media powerhouse?
  • Want a pure-play media buy, an Agency of Record relationship, and nothing more?

What’s on the menu 🤗

Creatives - Ads, ad adaptations, landing pages, content pieces and social media are on the menu.

Want full-fledged management of your online presence? Check out our Digital Presence Management solution.

Digital marketing analytics - Funnel optimization, optimizing CAC and improving conversion are in scope.

Want full-fledged marketing analytics that goes beyond media and ad spend optimization? Check out our Digital and Data Analytics solution.


Why Xerago?

go beyond media spends

Go beyond media spends 🤔

We drive your acquisition goals through paid media — Google Ads, FB, YouTube Ads, etc. But this is only one part of Xerago's digital marketing expertise.

Xerago also helps with organic — Search Engine Optimization, Video Marketing and Influencer Marketing.

By deploying the entire digital marketing arsenal, clients get much higher ROI. Rather than when focused only on paid media campaigns.

Acquisition with more guac and salsa 💸

Spend money on media. Anyone can do. Optimize spends on media. Xerago can do.

Xerago regularly analyzes and optimizes your media campaigns. We adjust media vehicles. Reallocate budgets. Modify keywords and social targeting. And make creatives more effective.

We also use the intelligence about your existing customers to exclude them from being targeted for acquisition campaigns. In short, we do whatever it takes to optimize media spends.

Sriracha, anyone?

Amp your Acqui IQ 🧐

Xerago makes your acquisition more intelligent. We use DMPs to source intelligence about your audiences, their purchase intent, and the most cost-effective media to reach them. We also intelligently use affinity audience categories available with various advertising platforms as a targeting criterion.

We combine these advantages to make your acquisition seem like Nikola Tesla is working on it.

Attack fragmented audiences with integrated
media strategies 📝

Web, mobile, social, video, Metaverse. Audience fragmentation is real. Xerago defragments.

We use Google Ads, FB, and Programmatic to drive acquisition. We use organic and social to drive traffic to your digital presence. We use DMPs to retarget and drive recall. We use influencer marketing to improve salience, build trust and shift perception.

However fragmented your audiences, we have a weapon in our arsenal.

Quarterbacks rule, but we’d rather be your wide receivers or linebackers 🤝

Acquisition rules. And we can help you with it. But we play other positions well too 🎯

We can help you with organic - Search, Influencer and Video Marketing. Tell brand stories across display and social, spanning web and mobile. Optimize ad accountability using our analytical skills. Better reach with sponsored social posts. Manage influencer marketing.

Whatever the gap in your digital marketing playbook, sign us up.

Brand aware Digital Marketing 📢

Xerago ensures consistency in terms of usage of your branding elements across your paid and organic marketing efforts.

By ensuring every aspect of your digital marketing is synchronous with your brand - Identity, Guidelines, Tone, Messaging, Creative, Offer, Target Audience, Landing Pages and Articles, we make your brand more recognizable and easily distinguishable to your target audience.

Multi geography, multi ethnic 🗺️

Xerago serves clients across 5 continents - North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and Australia.

We understand diverse global audiences who speak different languages and have different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. You can be confident of our ability to market to multi-ethnic audiences.

We can internationalize and localize your digital marketing to
different audiences.

Behavioral digital marketing ⚙️

We understand and use customer data to target both new to brand audiences and existing customers.

This full spectrum view ensures that we are able to better inform digital marketing efforts by understanding customer insights derived from existing bases.

And because we are able to cross-pollinate insights, our digital marketing targeting results in not just acquisition by volume, but by value.

We help many brands discriminate between low value customers and high profit customers and tweak their sourcing accordingly.

We don’t stop at acquisition 🔗

Most organizations aspire to drive acquisition and conversion goals. Xerago goes beyond.

We use digital marketing to build relationships with new audiences, deepen existing customer connections, and re-engage with past purchasers.

We run digital marketing campaigns targeting a wide range of objectives.

  • Create brand awareness
  • Traffic growth
  • Engagement
  • App installs and usage
  • Free trials and free to paid conversion

Video for Marketing. Marketing your Videos. 🎥

Paid video ads are effective, but you can do more.

  • Do you use YouTube video moments to fulfill the intents of audiences on search engines?
  • How about TikTok videos and Instagram Reels to drive traffic to your YouTube channel?
  • What about videos on site and blog for product discovery
    and conversion?

We use video extensively for organic marketing.

We can help you build a media strategy to drive video subscriptions and follows.

Tool agnostic


Want power users to power up your digital marketing tools? We can do it.

Predictable model, not just predictive model 🤖

Everything that we do as part of digital marketing - account structure management, ad grouping and management, keyword research, technical optimization, website review, on-portal interventions, off-portal interventions, media plan, campaign calendar, campaign setup, ad creative generation, retargeting etc. is driven by SLA and TAT. All campaign performance reports and dashboards have pre-defined metrics.

No surprises or shocks when it comes to our digital marketing deliveries. 😮

Infosec safe 🔒

  • Our delivery infrastructure and processes are certified compliant with SOC2 Type 2, CAN-SPAM, GDPR, CCPA, COPPA, GLBA and CASL.
  • We don't ask for customer data with PII information. All PII customer data is completely opaque to the Xerago team.
  • We either use anonymized or tokenized customer data to connect with DMPs for creating anonymized audience profiles and making those available to other tools-ad exchanges, demand-side platforms (DSPs), and supply-side platforms (SSPs)-to improve targeting.

Xerago Digital Marketing Capabilities

Paid Media Capabilities


Search Ads


Display Ads

Social Ads

Mobile Ads

Video Ads

How Xerago delivers its Digital Marketing promise

Xerago engages on a monthly cycle to manage your digital marketing programs.
A typical monthly cycle would
look like this.

Vertical Line

Understand acquisition objectives for the month

Oval Copy
arrow down
green arrow

Create organic and paid monthly campaign calendar

Oval Copy
arrow down
green arrow

Create or alter ad groups

Oval Copy
arrow down
green arrow

Build campaign creative

Oval Copy
arrow down
green arrow

Execute campaigns as per calendar

Oval Copy
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green arrow

Share daily, weekly and monthly campaign reports

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green arrow

Recommend course corrections

Oval Copy
arrow down
green arrow

Implement course corrections and report performance

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Some of our digital marketing customers


Benefits of managing your Digital Marketing through Xerago

  • One stop shop for integrated digital marketing
  • Integrated achievement of brand and downstream goals
  • Significantly higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Complementing services to maximize effectiveness of media campaigns

Customers love us

Case Studies


Leading University


Acquire applicants with low media spends

What we did

  • Finetuned keywords for organic and paid efforts
  • Created separate ad groups for various courses
  • Prepared the entire media creative kit a week in advance
  • Intelligently targeted pan country students with copy variations


100% target achievement with 14% lesser budget.


Leading Wealth Management Firm


Acquire HNIs for wealth management solution

What we did

  • Ran integrated campaigns on organic and paid media.
  • Started with brand campaigns to maximize awareness
  • Ran search, display and mobile campaigns targeting users by region
  • Leveraged in-market and affinity audience targeting to finetune reach


Delivered 900+ HNI leads in 90 days


Leading Bank


Generate leads for platinum credit card

What we did

  • Discovered positioning challenge and lack of segmentation
  • Created a media plan and targeting strategy
  • Altered line of communication to create the feeling of premium
  • Fine-tuned campaigns in real-time


119% target achievement with available media budget

We work with few clients.
Just the good ones.

Schedule a consult if you qualify 👉🏻

Group 6 Copy 35

You wish to add intelligence to your digital marketing

Group 6 Copy 35

You have high growth aspirations

Group 6 Copy 35

You already have agency partners who are doing some parts of the funnel and you are looking to augment with specific competence that Xerago brings to the table

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