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Xerago’s uncannily appropriate canned responses

Xerago believes your branded website is necessary, but not enough.

(We should know. We have been offering an entire Digital Presence Management Solution for 15 years now, that’s built on just this premise. And now so do you. 🙂

There are voices on social media channels, app stores, product review forums, etc. that are either dissing your brand, or giving it love. Or asking product / service-related questions that only you are best placed to answer, but someone else is. And your prospective customers are listening.

You have no choice. You must be there, managing the conversations. Answering, clarifying, defending, apologizing, giving, and taking love. Response Management is a key part of your brand narrative. And unless you do it just right, you will be doing more harm than good.

But you know all this! You are already here! If you handle the social media channels for your enterprise brand, you will find Xerago’s Library of Canned Social media Responses invaluable. We do.

Who do canned responses help? And how?

When all hell breaks loose, you will not be making up responses on the go, to address the shrill social media. You don’t want to be saying the wrong thing or being curt (or …shudder…rude) to someone who has a million followers. What you will do is react swiftly, but efficiently with canned responses.

‘Canned’ messages are predetermined templated responses, used first and at once when there is a customer comment or query anywhere on your digital domain. Consider these scenarios.

You run the social media team. It is frazzled dealing with millions of comments from across the world, across channels. It’s imperative that the right things are said. But imagine saying it 200 times an hour! Templated messages as first response and resolution will deal with most asked questions. So, your team can focus on resolving serious and complex queries.

You are looking to improve customer response experience. An immediate response makes customers feel important. The positive experience lingers for a while, and they develop patience with the brand.

You are looking for better customer engagement. A friendly canned message + a well structure query capturing mechanism. This combination makes it easier to engage in a resolution conversation. Your customer satisfaction score improves. And so does your brand image.

Let’s talk about Xerago’s Library of Canned Social Media Responses

Social media Response Management is both art and science. And Xerago’s Canned Responses Resource has managed to hit the sweet spot.

You will find social media responses for a range of scenarios. Especially for tough situations involving - negative, to extremely negative, to throwing virtual bricks at brand – kind of feedback.

The responses are thoroughly pre-vetted. By people who understand the power and psychology of words to calm the bristling customer. Put him at ease. Its uncanny.

The Xerago Canned Responses are not plain vanilla. Right through, they exude personality and attitude, so your audience won’t feel they are talking to an automated bot. It feels like a friendly and relaxed personal conversation.

They communicate clearly, have no typos, and can be used by multiple agents. Ensuring messaging is consistent across the board. And not arbitrary.

Xerago Canned Responses to Enquiries come with a ‘will revert’ field, which you can configure for days or hours within which the customer can expect a reply or resolution.

The can stops here. This is the end of the road.

Thanks for dropping by. You are the right place. For the right resource. And the best things in life are free!

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