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It is Xerago’s policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect while using our software applications and Websites, collectively called as ‘Services’. Accordingly, we have kept our privacy policy as simple and comprehensible as possible. This Privacy Policy applies when you use our services our products, our cloud, our website and our marketing products such as blogs, emails etc,

Certain Xerago's products and services may have additional specific privacy notices that describe how we handle Personal Data for those products and services. If any other privacy notice conflicts with this Privacy Statement, such specific notice will take precedence.

Objective / Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to protect the privacy of individuals who have sensitive information stored (either in electronic or paper form) on assets owned by Xerago, while at the same time providing Xerago, the ability to share this information with authorized entities as required by legitimate clients or business need or by law.

Where the Xerago gets Personal and Sensitive Personal Data

Xerago receives personal and sensitive data from multiple sources. Most often, Xerago gets this data directly from the data shared by our clients who have taken your consent for their marketing campaigns

Data Controller and Data Processor

We process two main types of personal data.

  • Data from Clients / Customer - Personal data that forms part of data that is provided by our clients / customers and their end-users for processing.
  • Other Data - Personal data about our customers, visitors and other individuals that is collected and processed directly by us.

Our Clients / Customers are the controller of Data from them. Xerago is the processor of Data provided by the Client / Customer’ and the controller of ‘Other Data’.