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Puase Puase

Our marketing solutions deliver value, globally!

Manage your digital presence in the Metaverse

Marketers are under pressure to include the Metaverse as part of their digital presence. But the Metaverse is the new frontier. Unknown and unexplored. Do you feel the same way?

As the custodians of innovation, trust Xerago to get your Digital Presence felt in the Metaverse.

AnalyticaTechno Communication solutions for marketing success


Modern marketing is like a relay race.🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏻 Good creatives. Analytical insights. Technical acumen. All these are fragments of the whole. You need an organization that truly encompasses all these.

Xerago delivers marketing solutions using Analytics, Tech and Communication. Or AnalyticaTechnoCommunication as we like to call it.


Solutions for Modern Marketers


Manage database campaigns, Algorithmically

Acquigo is Xerago's plug-and-play algorithmic campaign management platform. Acquigo is the panacea for marketers struggling to create effective fuss-free campaigns.

Auto creates behavioral micro-segments

Generates multiple next-best strategies

Automates contextual communications


Consulting Insights.
Execution Engine.
Tech on tap. ☝🏻

We provide Consulting insights and Execution excellence.

We deploy cross-functional teams to activate clients' marketing strategies.

We set up and manage Analytics and MarTech to actualize your vision.

Ideas are ideal. Execution is essential.

Marketing in 2022 is not just about occasional great ideas. Marketing is about leveraging the right tools and the right talent to continuously conceptualize and execute your marketing programs.


Acquisition is just the beginning. There's more.

New customer acquisition is not an end-all panacea for all marketing problems. Except when your revenue model consists exclusively of one-off purchases.

Xerago's marketing solutions straddle the customer lifecycle. This is not marketing-speak. It is at the core of Xerago's thinking, actions and our solutions.

Xerago rides the customer lifecycle


Freemium plans. Free-to-paid. Subscription models. The moment of truth is not a transaction anymore. It is a continuum.

The old-gen model of prospects and customers is outdated. We see audience as customers and prospects on a conversion continuum, with repurchase mechanisms built into the model.

Clients with this kind of thinking get the most value from Xerago. 👏🏽


Xerago helps hungry tigers eat meek rabbits.🐰

We work with mid-market and enterprise brands.

You bring the vision, means and the direction. You set the goals. We bring the knowledge and the energy to bring your vision to life.

We work best with hungry brands. The most successful brands are not lumbering elephants. They are tigers. The bigger the tiger is, the hungrier it is. That is the kind of customer that we love.

One that pushes us to deliver results and drive growth.

Clients - Multi Geo, Multi Big, Multi Year

Group 49

Clients in 25 countries across 5 continents. And in the Metaverse.

Clients in

25 countries across 5 continents.
And in the Metaverse.

Planned and executed

100,000 campaigns


1 billion customers

Generated over

10 million responses


Our client relationships are for life.

Continuous Campaigns.
Connected Clients.
Constant Contact.

We embed ourselves into our clients' marketing organizations, interacting everyday to understand, augment and execute their vision, with our cutting-edge marketing services.

We do this month after month, campaign by campaign, response by response.

Our engagements are ongoing and scale up and down depending on client needs and marketing appetite.

Continuous Campaigns

Start with a slice. Scale to the whole pizza. (Pepperoni please)🍕

Take a bite of Xerago. Usually we start with a single marketing slice and scale to integrated marketing services.

Spanning the entire marketing spectrum - Digital, Mobile, Social, UX, Creative, Data, Analytics, Martech.

Toppings? We got it. Generate Traffic, Drive Acquisition, Measure and Optimize marketing performance, Manage the Martech stack, Drive Retention, Cross-sell and Upsell. (Psst, want some extra NFT?)

Industries Served

SaaS and Gaming

SaaS and Gaming

Financial Services

Financial Services













Our Clients - You'd be in Great Company!


Lock the door. Double-check. Hide the key. Stay safe. 🔒

SOC 2 Type

SOC 2 Type II certified. Compliant with OWASP guidelines to offer trustable applications.


Compliant with CCPA, GLBA and GDPR standards that safeguard customer data.


Compliant with CANSPAM, CASL and COPPA acts that govern privacy and communication.

Customer ❤️

We got over thousand testimonials. And counting. Customer Wow is our performance metric. Not the sanitized things people say online. But the effusive stuff that only gets expressed behind closed doors. Ask to see our love bites.

Time we stopped talking and let you act. Here is your CTA.

Accepting new clients. See if you qualify. 👉🏻

Group 6 Copy 35

You're a mid-market or enterprise brand ($100 Mn + rev)

Group 6 Copy 35

Your growth aspirations are straining at the leash

Group 6 Copy 35

You appreciate the importance of AnalyticaTechno Communication

If you do qualify, please schedule a consultation. Now.
We can't wait to understand your needs. 👋


If you do qualify, please schedule a consultation. Now. We can't wait to understand your needs. 👋

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