From Fragmented to Integrated Marketing

Fragmented to Integrated Marketing

Marketing transformation delivered through Marketing Center of Excellence(CoE)

From Fragmented to Integrated Marketing

What's a Marketing CoE?

Marketing CoE is your brand's extended outsourced marketing team that executes marketing tasks spanning prospect and customer journey, end-to-end.

A Marketing CoE comprise

People with diverse skills to handle width of marketing services

Analytics to continuously track and optimize efforts

Marketing technology stack to manage scale

Processes to align deliveries with goals

Marketing CoE Benefits


Boost marketing velocity and efficiency

Optimise people, process and tech costs

Eliminate friction through common marketing and tech goals

Scale resources in line with business priorities

Want to understand the benefits of Marketing CoE in detail?

Size of Marketing CoEs we operate




Unique Job Types




Client Vendors



Managed by a team across 14 different functions

Have marketing vendors that you can't replace?

No Problem!

We can include them in our CoE!

Irrespective of the nature of your marketing needs and your current capabilities with respect to skills, process, technology and analytics, Xerago will set up a right sized CoE for you.

You're in great company!

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