Xerago uses Customer Value Maximization, a solution that integrates cutting edge customer analytics and marketing technologies with your existing marketing programs to bring coherence to your marketing.


No risk analytics. No supply chain analytics. No financial analytics. Xerago does customer analytics and customer analytics ONLY.

Big Data, Data Mining, Statistical Modeling, Machine Learning. Since 2004, we have been de-geeking the language of analytics, by putting marketing first.

10 years ago, we used to work with CMOs and CIOs in parallel. Today, we talk technology to CMOs, and marketing to CIOs.

The rise of the Marketing Technology Officer is a reality. But how many partners does the new CMO have, who can translate technology into marketingese?

There are enough folks who can develop a website. Or design creatives. But to manage your marketing programs sustainably at scale, there are few who can do it all for you.

1-1 marketing, yield management, inbound marketing - whatever your need, we manage it for some global brand or the other already.

Real-world instances of Customer Value Maximization helping organizations meet their marketing goals.

Everyone has clients. We have relationships that transcend time.

... And over 100 more brands.

Before you think Xerago consists of data or engineering geeks, here are some awards we have won. Real awards. For real clients.

2012 Gold Award Winner

Website - Non Profit

Knowledge + Service - Arrogance = Client Wow
Our people rock. Because they help our clients rock.

Go past Madison Avenue, take left at Orchard Road, across the Navi Mumbai Vashi junction, on your iPad.
Xerago is available everywhere you have a phone or tablet available.