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Managing your digital presence in the Metaverse

The adoption of Metaverse is still in its infancy. But as a custodian of innovation, marketers are under pressure to include Metaverse as part of their digital presence. For most marketers, Metaverse is like rocket science. Does it appear the same to you? Trust Xerago to get your Metaverse ducks in a row.

We manage Marketing Centers of Excellence for global organizations, intersecting Digital, Technology, Analytics and Communication.


Integrated Solutions for Composite Marketing Transformation

Xerago has 15 years of experience in consulting and implementing marketing solutions through its unique Marketing Centers of Excellence.
Xerago’s Marketing Centers of Excellence are a holistic approach to implementing marketing mandates. It is an amalgam of thinking and doing minds, Technology, Analytics and OmniChannel Communication.
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Acquigo - Algorithmically manage campaigns. Start to End.

Acquigo is a plug-and-play algorithmic campaign management product. It

  • Creates behavior-based micro segments from customer transactions
  • Generates multiple next-best strategies
  • Automates contextual communications

With conventional marketing clouds, you manually conceptualize and communicate campaigns. Acquigo does this algorithmically.
Xerago’s proprietary campaign management cloud is the quickest and most effective way to maximize relevance and response-rates.

To top it all- its subscription based! Forget big budgets, you can pay as you go.

We help you run high frequent and high performance marketing programs

For most brands today, Marketing is no longer about one-off great ideas. As a response to media fragmentation, brands need to market to known, quasi-known and unknown audiences across digital channels, every single day.
We visualize modern marketing as a continuous campaign engine. Ideate. Segment. Target. Measure. Repeat.
We deliver the right tools and the right talent to continuously conceptualize, execute and optimize your marketing programs.

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We intersect digital, analytics, technology and communication

Each of the marketing program that we manage for our clients use analytics to gain audience behavior intelligence, use our marketing expertise to determine the right marketing action across customer lifecycle, build communication for Omni channel reach and use a range of marketing technology platforms to seamlessly reach them across paid, owned and earned digital channels and track and optimize responses.

customer lifecycle

Our solutions cover the entire customer lifecycle

New customer acquisition is not an end-all panacea for todays marketers to contribute to organization’s revenue. For meaningful and sustainable revenue contribution, marketers need to both acquire new customers and maximize value from acquired customers.
We have designed our services to deliver exactly this. We Generate Traffic, Influence Visitors, Nurture Leads, Drive Acquisition, Measure and Optimize marketing performance and Drive Growth with Retention, Cross-sell, Upsell and advocacy.

Our solutions cover the entire marketing services spectrum

We create and manage our clients’ entire digital and mobile presence, drive organic traffic to their marketing portals, manage paid media, track audience behavior and optimize conversion with digital and data analytics, manage MarTech Stack and orchestrate Omni channel customer journeys.

marketing spectrum

We provide Consulting insights and Execution excellence

We augment our clients’ thinking by implementing and managing the right analytical and martech solutions to actualize their vision. We also deploy cross-functional teams to activate clients’ marketing strategies. You bring the vision and the means and the direction. You set the goals. We bring the knowledge and the energy to bring your vision to life.

Our Client engagements transcend time

We embed ourselves into our clients’ marketing organizations. We stay connected, understand, augment and execute their vision with cutting-edge, continuous and closed-loop Omni channel marketing campaigns. We do this month after month, campaign by campaign, response by response.

Our engagements are ongoing and scaling up and down depending on the client needs and marketing operations. Typically, our client relationships are for life.


Brands that love high touch interactions with their audiences get maximum value from us

Mid market and enterprise brands that have revenue opportunities spread across the customer lifecycle or whose business model comprises of freemium plans or free-to-paid conversion strategies or subscription models or partly consummated moments of truth need to visualize our target markets as customers and prospects on a conversion continuum, with repurchase mechanisms built into the model. Clients with this kind of thinking get the most value from Xerago.

We are the best partner for brands with high growth pressure

We work best with hungry brands. The most successful brands are not lumbering elephants. The bigger the tiger is, the hungrier it is. That is the kind of customer that pushes us to deliver results and drive growth.

Start with any of our point solutions and scale to integrated marketing

Most of our new clients usually start with one individual service and then scale to integrated marketing over time. We have been providing integrated marketing services to most clients that have been with us for years.

Depending on your vision, current marketing capabilities, priority and comfort, we are flexible to engage on integrated marketing or individual services assignments.

Our marketing solutions deliver value, globally!











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You're in Great Company!

Security and Compliance


We are compliant with privacy acts governing financial customers’ privacy, telemarketing and email communication.


We are compliant with application security standards to develop and maintain applications that can be trusted.

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We are compliant with European and United States privacy acts governing protection of consumers’ PII data.


We are certified for our internal controls report capturing how we safeguard customer data and how well those controls are operating

What our Customers are Saying


For the 6th time in a row we won the global finance best internet bank award. A large part of this is due to effort we have put on the portal, be it Simplicity or other initiatives and Xerago has been a true partner in working with us to get the website to world class standards!


What our Customers are Saying


I wanted to express my gratitude and many thanks from the whole team for creating such a masterpiece. We couldn't have imagined this can be done in such a short time.
You're truly the best! Thank you.


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