From Fragmented To Integrated Marketing

From Fragmented To
Integrated Marketing

Marketing transformation delivered through Marketing Centers of Excellence (CoE)

From Fragmented to Integrated Marketing

What is a Marketing Center of Excellence (CoE)?

A Marketing CoE is an extension of your in-house Marketing team, helping you improve specific capabilities or areas that are important for achieving critical business results such as revenue growth, acquisition numbers, etc.

A Marketing CoE has

People with diverse skills to handle a broad spectrum of marketing services

Analytics to continuously track and optimize efforts

Marketing technology stacks to manage scale

Processes to align deliveries with goals

Benefits of a Marketing Center of Excellence

Boosts marketing efficiency and velocity

Optimizes tech, process and people costs

Brings consonance between marketing and tech goals

Synchronizes resources and business priorities eliminating redundancy

With a team spanning 14 specialities, we

Marketing CoE services involve resources from Marketing Consulting, Account Management, Program Management, User Experience, Creative Development, UI Engineering, Content Management, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, Digital Analytics, Marketing Automation Campaign Management, Predictive Analytics and Technical Support that work in tandem


Unique Job Types

We break down every marketing intervention in a CoE into a number of smaller discrete jobs with pre-determined SLAs.



That's how many tasks we execute every month in Marketing Centres of Excellence for our clients


Client Vendors

The number of our clients' 'point solution' vendors we engage with



We're platform-agnostic and work on a number of MarTech stacks for our clients

We create a right-size CoE to transform your marketing

Regardless of your marketing needs or capabilities, we can configure the right blend of skills, tools, technologies and processes to completely transform your marketing.

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