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We help you work the Unica suite which facilitates precision customer-targeting and the creation of engaging experiences that convert, across channels, at scale.

We have Transformed Marketing for more than 75 Clients Using Unica over the Last 15 Years. These are some of them.


Our Expertise in Unica

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Unica Campaign

We help you segment and target customers for multichannel, multi-wave campaigns at scale​.

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Unica Interact

We help you provide realtime personalized communication for your customers across channels.

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Unica Journey

We help you visualize, create, execute and measure personalized omnichannel customer experiences.

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Unica Optimize

We help you determine the optimal contact strategy for each customer across offers, channels and campaigns.​

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Unica Plan

We help you with the end-to-end planning and execution of seamless enterprise marketing.

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Unica Deliver

We help you deliver campaign communication to your customers across channels.

Management of your Unica Platform

Xerago has a team of Unica-certified professionals that includes Business Practitioners, Developers, Architects and Administrators. We also have a team of experts who can plan and execute customer journeys, campaigns, multi-channel analysis and content management to provide end-to-end services to our customers using Unica stacks.

Here’s how we can help you with your Unica Platforms


Want to include Unica in your MarTech stack?

We can help you procure licenses, implement and integrate them with your existing systems.


Do you have Unica but don't use it optimally?

We run an audit, understand reasons for underutilization and help you maximize your license outlays and release bottlenecks.


Do you actively use Unica in your marketing?

We help you get more throughput, maximize your ROI and optimize your marketing efforts by lowering costs and increasing marketing efficiency.

What our Unica Customers are Saying


Well done for this significant milestone in the new campaign journey that DBS has embarked on. Most importantly, the project team achieved all the milestones on time as planned

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What our Unica Customers are Saying


We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the entire Xerago team for timely completion of Phase 1 of IBM UNICA launch. Given the scope of implementation, data integration involved, it was indeed a very efficient execution as a team.

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What our Unica Customers are Saying


Thank you very much for your support in developing high performing campaigns at such a great speed. This month’s post campaign diagnosis too went well. Am forever grateful.

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Some Success Stories

Multi-channel Campaign Management Services for Kotak Bank

1:1 Personalization at Scale for

Campaign Management Services Using Unica for Celcom

Have Questions on Marketing Transformation using Unica Platforms? We are Here To Help!

Our Account Manager will get in touch. Our sales engagement will be low-touch, non-pushy and led by senior folks who will respect your time as much as they expect you to respect theirs. 

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