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What is Digital & Data Analytics?

Digital and Data Analytics Solutions

Digital and Data Analytics - Intro

Digital Analytics

  • Tag and capture customer activities - Website, Mobile, Campaigns, Organic and Social
  • Report audience behaviors and sentiments
  • Combine digital and enterprise data to deliver next best action/product on digital channels
  • Deliver app analytics - Installs, crashes, DAU, MAU

Data Analytics

  • Enrich enterprise data with third party sources
  • Report performance using Business Intelligence tools
  • Analyze customer behaviors to predict marketing outcomes - retention, churn, cross-sell, etc.

Data-driven marketing. Great concept. Rarely seen in the wild.

Every marketer intuitively understands conversion funnels. And basic metrics like CTL, CPC, and CPA. But when data guys geek out, marketing guys go glassy-eyed.

Presenting Xerago's Digital and Data Analytics Solutions.

Xerago spans the analytics spectrum. Determines what data to capture. Designs tracking codes to do the capture. Finally, recommends marketing actions based on data.

Xerago's Digital and Data Analytics Services are refreshingly different. We help you master data-driven marketing.

data driven

Two peas in a pod. 🥜 Yin and Yang. ☯️
Digital and Data Analytics.

Xerago's expertise spans both areas of marketing analytics.

Need a digital analytics partner to manage the analytics across your digital, mobile, and social properties?

Or need a partner to handle your data pipelines, business intelligence and data science pieces?

Both are our cuppa coffee. (Sorry, Chai latte doesn't cut it.)

See if you fit the bill 👇🏻

  • Need to leverage digital analytics?
  • Carry multiple products with different purchase / adoption cycles?
  • Produce tons of customer data?
  • Got data pipelines, data hypermarts, data lakes, or CDPs?
  • Want your marketing communication hyper-personalized and right-timed?
  • Want to transform your customer experience across all channels?

Answered Yes to any of the above? Xerago is likely to add substantial value to you.

What you get. What you don't. What's optional.


Tagging. Reporting. Dashboards. Insights. Scorecards. Models. Marketing Experiments. Experience optimization. Targeting.


Data warehouse, data mart, CDP set up and managing ETL and data pipelines are covered as part of our MarTech Management solution.

Executing campaigns on scored lists from models is done through our Campaign Management solution.

Out of Scope

Non-marketing analytics - supply chain, financial, or logistics analytics. Market research.

Why Xerago?

Compelling reasons to get you from WHY to WHY NOT!

Marketing. Period. Analytics. Period. ⌛

Xerago understands data and its limitless potential for marketing. We know what marketers, as end users, need. Everything we do in analytics is from the marketing angle. We are not an analytics company that does marketing. We are a marketing company that uses analytics.

With our Digital and Data Analytics Solutions, we can track, collect, analyze, report, and optimize your marketing spends and achieve all your marketing objectives.

We got the whole analytics shebang under control

Consulting companies guide. Big data firms collect data. Web analytics agencies help report. Data analytics people build ML / AI models.

When you have service providers for each function, do they function as a whole?

Xerago's digital and data analytics solution is comprehensive.

We do it all. And do it exceedingly well.

From understanding the business to measurement consulting.

Data capture, reporting, analysis and insights. Scorecards. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models.

Xerago offers the entire spectrum of digital and data analytics solutions.

we see humans

We see humans. 🔎 Not sessions,
events, and transactions.

When digital analytics was nascent (but Casablanca was a thing), we reported sessions and events. And aggregated customer transactions into data warehouses.

But we were ahead of the times.

Today, we have tag management systems, DMPs, CDPs and open APIs. We humanize visitors. Integrate data from multiple systems to build composite customer profiles.

Website interactions and enterprise data are no longer distinct. We now seamlessly merge both digital behavior and enterprise data. So, you can action exactly what each customer needs, omnichannel.

Today, we are older, wiser and a whole load smarter. And still ahead of the times. 😎

Measuring matters. What to measure matters more. ⚖️

Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink. Sadly, this is the fate of most marketing organizations thirsty for insights.

All the data in the world is worthless if it doesn't help you when you need it.

We measure for marketing. We know the events that are the best gauge for given behavior. And tag to capture those.

We feature-engineer enterprise datasets for variables that predict behavior most accurately. And use them to build high-performance machine learning models.

We choose data. And derive insights.

It's not magic. But close. You should see how clients gush! 😊

Third party cookies are dead. Long live First party intelligence. 😇

The death-knell for 3rd party cookies has rung.

Every marketer is scrambling to reduce dependence on third party data and scale up first party analytical capability.

For any analytically driven marketing organization, this is a great opportunity to get rid of your dependence on outsourced intelligence and invest into internal IQ.

Xerago helps you do exactly that.

Privacy and Compliance
matters. So does data. 🛡

III Party cookies blocked. Ad tracking blocked. CCPA guidelines hurt. TCPA limits communication. CDPA coming up.

What, me worry? 😥

We collect and federate captured events between systems. We manage consents, improve transparency, and provide rights of access, rectification, and erasure. We help brands stay compliant with all privacy policies while still capturing the data that matters for analytics.

We got you covered.

Many IPs. Many devices.
One ring to rule them all.

Each tracking tool has a different identifier. So, you only get a fragmented view of your audience. Business decisions based on siloed insights are likely to be flawed. It is like solving a jigsaw with half the pieces missing. What you lack is the complete picture of your audience.

We federate identity intelligence across digital channels. Build a unified "One-view" of your audiences by integrating data from multiple systems and present holistic reports.

All business decisions that you take using our reports become extremely relevant.

Reporting is just one slice of our analytics pizza 🍕

Once we capture and organize the data that matters to your marketing, we do a whole lot than just reporting what happened.

We use the data to build cohorts of customers with identical behaviors, run marketing experiments, personalize, and optimize experiences for each cohort, and build statistical and ML models to predict their propensity for using, buying, or renewing products.

Analytics for all marketing stakeholders

Are you from the digital marketing team?

Want to shine a light on your audience's behaviors?

We track and report audience behavior, sliced and diced by products, channels, devices, sources, campaigns and what not.

Need bigger fish to fry? 🥘

We help you run marketing experiments to personalize and optimize experiences.

Or are you from the data analytics or data science planet?

We leverage your enterprise customer data to maximize customer value.

We build predictive models to generate scored customer lists for campaigns targeted at lifecycle objectives.

Artificial Intelligence is our alter ego 🦾

It seems like everything in marketing is AI-ML-ized! Without any understanding of business value.

We have been using prediction and classification models to solve marketing problems since before analytics was a thing.

Today, we use artificial intelligence algorithms to conduct

Marketing Experiments

Test Digital Experiences for Audience Segments

Fine Tune Customer Segments for Campaigns

Optimize Campaign Communication and Delivery

Analytics solutions for the whole nine yards of marketing lifecycle

  • Segmentation to determine your ideal target audience
  • Look-alike models to discover new audiences
  • Optimization techniques to influence conversion
  • Regression models to drive cross-sell and upsell
  • Classification models to reduce churn
  • Sentiment analysis to evaluate customer satisfaction

We provide analytical solutions spanning your entire marketing lifecycle.

We help you fix analytical bottlenecks ⏰

Timing and relevance. Two important currencies in marketing. The outcomes of a mistimed, but relevant message and a timely, but irrelevant message are same. Customers dismiss them.

Variance on data between sources. No federation of identity and behavior intelligence between systems. Sub-optimal usage of the power of analytical platforms. All has an impact on timing and relevance.

Regardless of the reason, Xerago can fix your analytical bottlenecks and help you maximize relevance of your marketing efforts and time it better.

Your stack or mine?

Proprietary. Enterprise. Open-source. Xerago is stack agnostic.

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Analytical outputs.
Delivered like clockwork.

Each of our digital and data analytics delivery is driven by SLA and TAT.

















All business intelligence reports and dashboards have pre-defined metrics. No surprises or shocks in our analytical deliveries. We assure you impeccable delivery turnarounds for all your marketing analytics outputs.

Infosec safe 🔒

Information Security is in our DNA

  • Our delivery infrastructure and processes are completely up to snuff. All certified compliant with Soc2 Type 2, CCPA, CAN-SPAM, GDPR, CASL and COPPA.
  • Customer data with PII information? We don't even ask for it.
  • We use either anonymized or tokenized customer data for analytics.
  • We use secure VPN to access your analytical and data platforms. So, whether your data is in the DMZs within your premises or in the cloud, it never leaves your environment.

Our Digital Analytics Deliverables


Tagging digital and mobile with UTM and Shortcodes


Analytics reporting and insights generation


Event tracking








Cross-device analytics


Multi-party data integration


Experience testing and optimization


Journey analytics

Our Data Analytics Deliverables


Data enrichment


Business intelligence reporting and dashboards


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models

Digital and Data Analytics Workflow

We understand your needs and set up dedicated capacity to handle your analytics needs.
We work on a monthly cycle to plan and deliver analytics outputs that align with your marketing priorities.

Line 1
Vertical Line 1

Understand business & marketing priorities for the month

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arrow down 1
green arrow 1

Agree on expected analytical deliveries and frequency

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arrow down 1
green arrow 1

Agree on reporting metrics and templates

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arrow down 1
green arrow 1

Validate data availability and plan for additional data capture, if needed

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green arrow 1

Access data and perform analysis

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green arrow 1

Share models, reports and insights as per SLA

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Implement marketing actions based on insights

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green arrow 1

Track, report and optimize the performance of implemented marketing actions

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Our Clients - You'd be in Great Company!

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Benefits of Xerago Digital and Data Analytics Solutions


One stop shop for end to end-analytical solutions


Efficient tracking and effective targeting


Personalized, consistent and connected experiences


Crystal clear view of marketing performance


100% compliance with privacy regulations

  • One stop shop for end to end-analytical solutions
  • Efficient tracking and effective targeting
  • Personalized, consistent and connected experiences
  • Crystal clear view of marketing performance
  • 100% compliance with privacy regulations

From-the-trenches real-life victories 🥮

Actual real-life case studies from 15+ years of doing this. And loving every minute.


Large global bank


Limited analytics usage and uncertainty in portal conversion

What we did

  • Extensive page element level tagging
  • Detailed audience profile building through cookie data + DMP data integration
  • Deep personalization
  • Form optimization
  • Experience testing and optimization


2.9X increase in portal lead generation within a quarter


Global technology brand


Poor visibility on marketing performance

What we did

  • Enterprise analytics tool migration
  • Tag manager-based tracking
  • Extensive event tracking
  • Multi-stakeholder reporting
  • Portal, campaign and social analytics
  • Business intelligence reporting


13% increase in portal engagement and 67% increase in SDK downloads


Fast growing Telco


Leaky bucket. Large customer churn.

What we did

  • Accelerated data acquisition with low latency data capture
  • Feature engineering
  • Churn prediction model with ensembled models
  • Quarterly champion-challenger model validation
  • Scorecard development
  • Retention campaigns


46% reduction in subscriber churn

We value our customers' business.
But we long for their love.

Customer love ❤️

We work with few clients. Just the good ones.

Schedule a consult if you qualify 👉🏻

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You aspire to your marketing function being data-driven

Group 6 Copy 35

You have high growth aspirations

Group 6 Copy 35

You already have enterprise analytics tools or you are ready to procure those required

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Your annual revenue is $100 Mn or more

Enough reading. Time for action. Here is the CTA.
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