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Are emails your weakest link? Use the Xerago IP Warmup Calculator.

You have implemented marketing automation aka campaign management platforms. You have integrated with the upstream and downstream systems. Your marketing campaigns are all set to zoom.

But. Except for one thing. A speedbump in the way of full marketing velocity. The weakest link. Your email infrastructure. It is not ready to handle the email volumes your campaign requires. Not yet, at least. You need to warm the new IPs up, before going all guns blazing.

Now that you are here, we are delighted you are not hitting that bump. Your campaign will cruise all the way.

At Xerago we believe every well-conceived campaign should have an equal chance at success. So, we are happy to share a resource we use in our own client campaigns - the IP Warmup Calculator – free for you to use. Your thoughtfully segmented audiences have a right to hear you.

Is it for you?

Yes. If you are ready to take your email-campaign for a run. And have got a bunch of new shiny IPs to launch it from.

Or may want to use IPs that you already have but are currently dormant. Either way, warmup your IP muscles first. Use the Xerago IP Warmup Calculator to do it.

Why bother?

Two reasons.

1. You want your campaign to succeed. And you can’t do this unless your email messages reach your targeted consumers.

2. In your earnestness to do 1, you don’t want to end up labelled a spammer and blacklisted.

Your Email Service Providers (ESP) is paranoid about spammers. And wants to know that you are not. So, they track the quality, frequency, and volume of your emails. They look to establish the credibility of your IPs before allowing all your emails to go through them.

If you send a deluge of emails without warming up your IPs gradually, your ESP will mark them as spam. Or worse blacklist the domain. This is disastrous for your current and future campaigns looking to use these IPs.

Sending emails through an IP warm-up plan allows your ESP to study and satisfy themselves on your emailing behavior.

What’s in the Xerago IP warmup Calculator

The fully customizable Xerago IP Warm Up Calculator allows you to

  • choose the date when you wish to start the campaign,
  • seed it with the minimum number of emails you desire to send initially, and the rate at which you want it to increase each week
  • gauge the intensity of you warmup with a color-coded heat map.
  • calibrate the ramp-up rate on the fly, for course correction based on campaign feedback.

Whether you want to send 10,000 emails a day or 1 million, this calculator covers you.

Mi campaign es tu campaign

Every strategically and tactically planned campaign should succeed. (Yup. We know. We’ve run a ton of them. Check how we do it. And its weakest link is last-mile communication. We urge you not to screw-up here. ‘Cos it ain’t over until the proverbial fat lady breaks out into song over your email! 😀

Thanks for dropping by. Please do download our IP Warmup Calendar after sharing a few details with us. Just so we know who you are. We don’t share your data. Thank you.

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