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Campaign Management


Helping You Run High-Performance, Omni Channel Campaigns, at Scale.

We run Campaigns for Prospects as Well as Customers

  • We source, enrich, profile, score, nurture and target prospects for conversion.
  • We micro-segment existing customers and determine the next best action for retention, growth, satisfaction and engagement.

The Scope of Campaign Management Involves

  • Conceptualizing new campaigns and finalizing a campaign calendar
  • Micro-segmenting prospects and customers with behavioural and demographic data
  • Maximizing responses by optimizing influencing variables
  • Designing, developing and tagging creatives and landing pages
  • Planning and creating simple and complex Omni channel customer journeys
  • Launching campaigns and tracking responses

How Campaign Management Works

With the experience of having worked with several leading brands over the last 15-odd years, managing 1000s of campaigns using various platforms, we are able to craft customized result-oriented strategy for our customers.

Once a campaign strategy based on your business goals is finalized, we will use our people, processes and technologies to plan and execute high-performance campaigns.

Being platform-agnostic, we can work with your existing campaign management platforms. If required, we deploy.

Analytical Orientation for High Response Rates

Our ability to dissect prospects and customers into finely-crafted micro-segments results in better targeting and higher responses.

Operational Agility for Increased Campaign Velocity

Our ability to reuse creatives, campaign templates and journeys results in a faster execution of campaigns.

End-to-End Operations for Strategic Freedom

Our ability to handle the entire gamut of campaign management operations from planning to optimization allows you to focus purely on strategic aspects.

You’re in Great Company!

Here are some of our clients for whom we managed and delivered successful data-driven, multi-channel campaigns


What our Customers are Saying


Based on Post Campaign Diagnostic (PCD) done by Analytics Team, our campaigns have successfully improved retention rate as churn rate in [M+1] and [M+2] is close to zero.
Without your support, it could not be such a CHAMPION campaign!


Some Success Stories

Maximizing Campaign Velocity for Starhub

Getting Paypal Out of Campaign Performance Plateau

Managing Customer Value Management Campaigns for Celcom

Explore the Possibility of Setting up Xerago's Marketing CoE to Manage your Marketing Campaigns

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    Campaign Management is One of the Key Aspects of Marketing Transformation in Xerago's Marketing CoE