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Campaign Management


Xerago has the capability to plan, prioritize, develop, execute and optimize hundreds of marketing campaigns, across the customer lifecycle, seamlessly, every single day.

Managing Different Campaigns for Prospects and Customers

Prospect Campaigns

  • Source prospects
  • Enrich prospect information
  • Drive opt-ins
  • Score leads
  • Run lead nurturing campaigns
  • Convert leads into customers

Campaigns Targeting existing customers

  • Micro-segment existing customers
  • Determine next-best-actions for each segment
  • Activate
  • Engage
  • Retain
  • Grow
  • Satisfy

Scope of Xerago’s Campaign Management

The scope of Xerago’s Campaign Management Solutions include:

  • Micro-segmentation of Audiences - Xerago creates behaviorally homogeneous cohorts by further dissecting conventional demographic and product-ownership based audience segments. Each cohort offers an opportunity for a unique marketing action / response.
  • Campaign Planning - The Campaign Calendar is planned after conceptualizing all possible marketing actions that can target each micro-segment.
  • Journey Design -. Xerago plans and creates Omni channel customer journeys, ranging from simple to complex; real-time or scheduled; one-time or recurring. Audiences for inclusion and exclusion are also determined.
  • Creative Design: Xerago designs and develops Omni channel creatives and landing pages that resonate with the target micro-segment.
  • Campaign Execution: Campaigns are executed on scheduled dates with personalization blocks and tracking codes implemented to the creative. We implement Fatigue Prevention strategies like enforcing contact governance policy.
  • Response Optimization: Xerago maximizes response rates by matching the campaign to the audience in terms of relevance, communication channels, exposure and timing.

The Campaign Management process- How does it work?

Upon engagement,

  • Xerago standardizes campaign management process, templates and establishes roles-responsibility parity
  • Clients share business goals. Xerago understands and augments them to achieve operational clarity
  • Xerago and client co-create a campaign calendar
  • Xerago identifies target audiences and creates communication for each campaign
  • Use Aquigo, Xerago’s in-house campaign management platform to execute campaigns. Or use client's existing platform
  • Xerago tracks, reports and optimizes the Campaign performance
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Why Xerago?

Xerago works for 15+ years now, providing integrated solutions to several leading brands.

We manage thousands of campaigns, across a wide array of platforms. Consequently, we have the capability to craft customized, result-oriented strategies for you.

Here are three powerful reasons why Xerago should be your marketing partner, and how they underpin the success of your campaign.

  • Analytical Orientation for High Response Rates
  • Operational Agility for Increased Campaign Velocity
  • End-to-End Operations for Strategic Freedom

Analytical Orientation for High Response Rates

If you believe that a high response rate from prospects and customers is the barometer of a campaign’s success, then Xerago’s data oriented approaches will deliver this.

Target audiences are micro-segmented based on demographic, behavioral and psychographic profiles. Xerago’s ability to finely-craft micro-segments and optimize data, is what contributes most to better targeting and higher responses.

Operational Agility for Increased Campaign Velocity

Over the years Xerago’s operational processes have evolved to be agile - repeatable yet flexible, fungible and adaptable. This operational agility comes from the following elements:

Program Cadence: Issues and fixes are promptly highlighted as a result of frequent and timely meetings to monitor pre and post-execution stages.

Program Governance: On-time-everytime execution of campaigns is monitored by Xerago’s Program Governance Model.

Program Management Platform: Xerago uses a home-grown Program Management Platform that unifies campaign briefing, status updates and performance review.

Interaction Model: Faster reviews, iterations and approvals are achieved by pre-defining the entire workflow for all campaign management activities and assigning parity in roles-responsibilities.

Capacity Planning: The ideal campaign team size is based on projected volume and SLAs, with transparent reporting of bandwidth utilization.

End-to-End Operations for Strategic Freedom

Unlike point solution providers, Xerago does not offer piecemeal services. We have end-to-end campaign management services, covering strategy, tactics and operations. Xerago takes over the bulk of the operational work from marketers. So they can focus on creating innovative value propositions. We manage end-to-end operations so you can have strategic freedom.


Xerago has the strategic experience to create customer life-stage campaigns with predetermined ‘Next Best Action’ options for hundreds of behavioral micro-segments across industries.


Xerago executes marketing tactics such as scalable creative development, exposure optimization, response maximization and an effective contact governance policy.


Xerago has the ability to execute campaigns at scale, while being platform agnostic. This derives from standardized campaign management processes involving SLAs and campaign artifacts, and splitting of roles and responsibility in managing campaigns.

You’re in Great Company!

Here are some of our clients for whom we managed and delivered successful data-driven, multi-channel campaigns


What our Customers are Saying


Based on Post Campaign Diagnostic (PCD) done by Analytics Team, our campaigns have successfully improved retention rate as churn rate in [M+1] and [M+2] is close to zero.
Without your support, it could not be such a CHAMPION campaign!


Some Success Stories

Maximizing Campaign Velocity for Starhub

Getting Paypal Out of Campaign Performance Plateau

Managing Customer Value Management Campaigns for Celcom

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    Campaign Management is One of the Key Aspects of Marketing Transformation in Xerago's Marketing CoE