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The Ultimate GDPR Compliance Checklist. Be on the right side of the law

Hmmm….GDPR compliance on your mind? And the compliance buck stops at your desk? Well, good call to check out this document. You’ve hit the mother lode.

And if you are not the Compliance head honcho, pass this on. Get your brownie points for good behavior!


On the download link you’ll find an exhaustive GDPR checklist.

GDPR activities are collated under 4 heads.

  1. Lawful Basis and Transparency
  2. Data Security
  3. Accountability And Governance
  4. Privacy Rights

Keep this GDPR checklist as a constant guide. And in turn, it will keep you on the right side of the Regulation.


We understand the enthusiasm with which marketing guys chop-up the customer data into tiny profile segments. And personalize campaign communication to the point of intimacy. We really do. But as the one responsible for Compliance, do make sure they don’t get carried away. Please do your GDPR due-diligence.


This curated checklist document will help. In fact, it’s all you need. It lists all the activities and processes you need to be GDPR compliant. Do make sure they are all integrated into your workflow. This will ensure campaigns don’t end up using PII (Personally Identifiable Information) or SPI (Sensitive Personal Information) of customers in countries where the Regulation is in force. Mostly customers in the EU. Check all the items on the list and you’re sorted.

Do you know the penalty for non-compliance? Check this:

Why again?

Because Xerago loves to work with you. And it will ease our mind that you take GDPR compliance seriously. Because we at Xerago, comply not only with GDPR, but a bunch of other global standards too. To the point of being paranoid.

And since we will need your basic data before you can download the GDPR checklist, we will contact you. And explore the possibilities of working together. At that point it helps to know our attitudes towards compliance match.


Full Disclosure. The checklist does not certify that you are compliant. You got to get that elsewhere. But if you’ve ticked every box, it will certainly make the GDPR Certification a breeze.

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