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Xerago Runs a High-Volume Campaign for a Bank with Astounding Results

Xerago Runs a High-Volume Campaign for a Bank with Astounding Results

The Client

One of the largest banks in the Philippines with millions of direct consumer clients and several thousand institutional clients is a market leader with a full range of world-class banking products and services covering retail loans and deposits, personal investments and more. As a part of a special promotion they wanted to launch some short burst partner promotions and were looking for an experienced partner to execute campaigns quickly.


The Challenge

The Bank wanted to acquire leads for a Weekend Exclusive Online Treat campaign for its active and transacting customers, the first of its kind for the brands it was partnering with. The success of this promotion was critical for continuing the partnership they had with those brands and get good deals. The challenge was to successfully develop and execute campaigns that performed well and since it involved multiple stakeholders from various functions, it was quite a task to pull it off!

The Solution

Xerago with its process-oriented approach laid down the campaign launch blue print. A dedicated project team was formed to manage and co-coordinate between all relevant stakeholders for a quick execution of campaigns.

The Project team of domain experts conceptualized, planned, developed & executed the campaign from scratch and in a very short time. The work started and concluded with the Analytics team who worked to understand the dynamics of the customer base and monitor the campaign performance.

The Customer base was thoroughly analysed by the Xerago analytics team and they identified various micro-segments based on demographic, psychographic and behavioral profile parameters, which gave them the best segments for targeting.

After studying the profiles of the TG, Xerago’s creative team came up with the best kind of communication that would resonate with their needs and thoughts, and which would ultimately lead them to convert. A couple of quick test runs were done to fine tune the final campaign. The Xerago design team developed all the necessary digital assets such as banners and other creative elements needed for an effective caxmpaign.

The Digital marketing and Social media marketing team adapted the copy and content to suit the various media platforms and the Campaign went LIVE! Similar creatives were posted in the Bank’s online banking page to gain some traction from its existing customers.

To analyse the campaign performance across all communication channels and platforms, tracking codes were embedded at every possible hop/ CTA / distinct event before the launch. Soon after the campaign launch, our web analytics team was on the job continuously tracking the campaign across various channels and monitoring customer responses.

With all these co-ordinated efforts the campaign was a phenomenal success with tremendous customer responses like never before in this kind of campaign category.

The Results

The efficient project planning and the well-coordinated efforts of the various stakeholders in planning, development, execution and monitoring of the campaign resulted in achieving great success. The campaign saw a four fold increase in average transactions and generated record transaction revenue in 3 days!

There was a

  • Fourfold increase in the average offer uptake
  • A record high transaction value for the campaign