Why a Marketing CoE?

Single Aligned Team for Increased Marketing Efficiency

The Marketing CoE comprises of multi-disciplinary, yet aligned team with complementing thought processes resulting in maximum efficiency.

Scalable Agility for Increased Marketing Velocity

The Marketing CoE is governed by lean, scalable and agile processes for faster development, review and deployment resulting in maximum marketing velocity.​

Single Brief to Production Window for Zero Communication Gap​

By deploying a senior business leader with cross-functional expertise as the single point of contact for both the client and the CoE delivery team, we arrest the scope for any gap in communication.


Aligned Goals for Preventing Marketing- Tech Friction

By aligning the Marketing and Tech functions' goals, we eliminate potential bottlenecks and prioritization of business outcomes.​

Zero Overheads for Lesser Payouts​

By eliminating redundant skills, technologies and unnecessary overheads during the Marketing CoE setup, we deliver substantial cost savings.​

Elastic Engagement for Dynamic Team Sizing

The Marketing CoE is elastic enough to shrink or expand in tune with market conditions / business priorities without compromising on its competencies.

Marketing CoE increases marketing velocity and efficiency, reduces costs and eliminates friction and communication gaps while providing flexibility.

It's time to set up a Marketing CoE?​

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