What is a Marketing CoE?


A Marketing Centre of Excellence can be defined as a physical or virtual centre of knowledge that brings together the existing expertise and resources, adds to it where required and optimises marketing in a way that ensures a high rate of efficiency, performance and value.

A Marketing CoE is your brand’s extended or outsourced marketing team comprising marketing experts - both thinkers and doers - who are ably supported by technology, analytics and processes that help in achieving marketing excellence.

A Marketing CoE helps you

  • Increase brand awareness, Top-of-Mind recall and salience
  • Drive top-of-funnel traffic
  • Increase lead generation
  • Improve leads conversion ratios
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Win back lost customers
  • Increase product penetration within the customer base
  • Maximize product adoption and usage
  • Increase share of wallet
  • Improve C-Sat scores
  • Drive advocacy and customer loyalty

How a Marketing CoE Helps Achieve these Objectives

The Marketing Centre of Excellence has an ideal mix of people with diverse skillsets, who can leverage MarTech stacks, analytics and processes to strategize and execute various marketing interventions targeting both prospects and customers.


Activities targeting prospects in a Marketing Center of Excellence

  • Attract attention
  • Drive traffic
  • Use paid, owned, earned and social media

  • Profile incoming traffic
  • Tag each source
  • De-anonymize
  • Enrich visitor profiles

  • Segment by behavior
  • Plan and execute prospect campaigns

  • Personalize
  • Re-target
  • Optimize

  • Improve yield from traffic

  • Score and nurture leads to convert them as customers

Marketing interventions targeted at existing customers

  • Analyse customer behaviours across Channels, Offers, Product features, Responses, CSAT / NPS, Sentiment, etc.
  • Micro-segment customer base

  • Plan campaign objectives across customer lifecycles for each micro-segment
  • Map the next best action and plan campaigns

  • Design and execute campaigns across relevant channels
  • Ensure an omni-channel approach

  • Focus on exposures
  • Use a data-backed approach in campaign execution
  • Orchestrate and personalize logically

  • Track responses and maintain contact and response history
  • Optimize campaigns
  • Attribute success factors for each campaign - copy, creative, etc.

  • Ensure each customer is contacted at least once every month. Drive marketing interventions based on their behavioural patterns

Integral to a Marketing Center of Excellence are





Marketing Technologies

Marketing Technologies




A Marketing Centre of Excellence is driven by a dedicated team of experts with a wide range of skills.


Marketing Consultants

Campaign Developers

Campaign Managers

Digital Marketing Consultants

Social Media Managers

SEO Executives

Content Writers


User Experience Designers

Visual Designers


UI Engineers


Web Analysts

Data Scientists

Big Data Experts



Data Engineers


Content Management developers

Full-stack Developers

Support Engineers

Mobile App Developers

System Architects

Functional Consultants

Solution Architects


Project Managers

Account Managers

Business Analysts



The Marketing Center of Excellence is governed by water-tight processes agreed upon by the steering committee consisting of senior leaders from Xerago and the client.

Overview of processes that drive a Marketing CoE

Marketing Technologies

A comprehensive MarTech stack is essential to execute marketing activities at scale with greater accuracy and better control.


Typically a MarTech stack includes -

  • A Content Management System to manage digital content
  • Extract-Transform-Load platforms to aggregate data from diverse sources
  • A Personalization Platform for personalized pre-login portal experiences
  • A Data Management Platform to enrich visitor profiles and retarget audience to drive conversion
  • A Marketing Automation / Campaign Management Platform to enrich, profile, score, nurture and target prospects for conversion.
  • A Customer Data Platform to create a unified view of customers
  • A Digital Analytics Platform to track and report visitor / audience behaviour across platforms
  • A Digital Asset / Marketing Resource Management Platform for easy storage and retrieval
  • A Content Distribution Platform to centrally manage content across digital properties
  • Business Intelligence tools to deliver reports
  • A Tag management tool to manage tracking codes
  • Inbound Marketing Platforms to manage content and manage inbound traffic
  • Machine Learning and AI Platforms to build statistical models and predict customer behaviour
  • A Social Media Management Platform to manage content as well as to monitor and respond to social conversations
  • Creative Testing and Optimization


In a Marketing Center of Excellence, all marketing efforts are measured and optimized with the help of analytics.


We start by augmenting your analytical stack by optimizing current data capture as well as by including more platforms as required


We tag every unit of marketing inventory generated across all digital channels to track their performance


At every possible juncture we combine reports with data captured from the analytics tool to derive insights


The derived insights are passed on to the marketing strategy function to optimize future interventions