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Customer Data Platform & Omnichannel Communication | Xerago

The Customer Data platform and Omni-channel Communication

An omni-channel communication strategy unifies all the communication with existing customers and potential ones across every available channel. This is essential, as more than 90% of consumers use more than one channel to connect with a business. And when businesses increase the points of contact they offer to their audience, it is important to ensure that there is a connection between channels so there is unified messaging across the board and a single seamless, consistent conversation with each of them.

But the reality is that 89% of customers get frustrated having to repeat their issues to multiple representatives. (Accenture)

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55% of companies have no cross-channel strategy in place. (The CMO Club)

This is because the outdated technology stacks that businesses use, simply cannot handle the proliferation of channels in the digital age and the customers who choose the most convenient one at that particular moment to engage with a brand. What ends up happening is that all the marketing efforts present the brand in multiple different ways to the market and there is no clear brand style or language. The data that the brand has about its customers is all scattered, in siloes or located in multiple places within the system.

The Customer Data Platform, or CDP is what can give a unified view of your customer, his thoughts and his needs, as it is virtually impossible to manually unify a million customer touchpoints and interactions. What a CDP does is to build customer profiles by bringing all the data from various touchpoints together – the information and clues that customers leave behind as they engage with a business or the way the use the internet.

There is data about the identity of a person – name, demographics, location, contact info, professional and social details, etc. Apart from this there is information about his career, his family, his lifestyle, his hobbies, etc. There is also the data about the ways each customer engages with the business – his transactions, how frequently did he buy, how recently and how much did he spend. Did he check the website? Open an email? Did he have any service issues? There is also a lot of data that can prove to be very insightful about a person – what made him your customer? Where did he hear about your business? How does he rate a particular product? Why did he pick this over others?

All this information is very valuable to a business. A customer data platform, while improving customer relationships can complement your existing marketing stacks and augment your marketing efforts.

A CDP can help prevent data siloes

Siloes in a business, are not a good thing. They slow things down – both the pace and the productivity and are not ideal for collaboration of any sort. A CDP unifies all the data, collates it all in a central location and ensures that it is accessible to everyone who needs it.

A CDP gives you authentic data

A CDP gathers data about each of your customers first hand. It gets data from customers about them, about visitors to your website, social media followers and their attitudes towards your brand – in other words, the best kind of data to base your marketing decisions and strategy on.

A CDP helps you really know all your customers. Each of them.

Since a CDP analyses customer behaviour and gathers information about each customer’s identity, it is possible to have very customer-centered marketing. Since there is data about customers in various touchpoints, a CDP can integrate it all together and give you a single view of a customer, his interactions, his behaviour and his transactions with you.

A CDP empowers Omni-Channel marketing

It doesn’t matter if you have multiple campaigns, multiple channels and a million customers. A CDP can bring all the data together and help you have a unified voice across multiple channels connecting with each of your customers, regardless of the size of your customer base.

Apart from this a CDP can bring

  • Easy connectivity as CDPs come with open, extensible data architecture.
  • Flexible enterprise data integration across multiple touchpoints.
  • Data unification and accessibility across the enterprise.
  • Unified and streamlined marketing orchestration from planning through execution.
  • Business friendly UI/UX.
  • Continuous marketing process improvement.

Customer Loyalty and CDPs

Customers look for a consistent voice regardless of channel, expect a brand to really know you. And deliver a high-quality personalized experience to them. Any time. Every single time. And the best way to nurture and build customer loyalty is to give your customers exactly what they’re looking for: a unified, single, consistent, high-quality, and personalized experience – regardless of which channel they choose to engage with you. A CDP can solve all the problems that happen because of fragmented data that are in siloes. And present the data in a manner that makes personalization at scale possible. You can personalize the journey of each customer and deliver high-quality experiences to each of them. At scale.

Setting up a CDP happens in three phases

Phase 1 - First is the PLAN – set your goals and plan your strategy

Phase 2 -  is to INTEGRATE – connect it to all the sources of your data

& Phase 3 - is to EXECUTE the CDP

While this sounds simple, it all depends on choosing the right CDP for your business needs. So while the choices of finding the right one to suit your business might seem overwhelming, if you define your needs and your goals clearly, you can find out that will work great for you.

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