The Company


Xerago is a 15-year old Private Limited company owned by its Founders and Management Team. Xerago helps brands on Marketing Transformation by providing integrated marketing services through its Marketing Centres of Excellence.

MarTech & Analytics

As featured in


Xerago is a Flat World organization serving customers across the globe. 

Technology Partnerships

Xerago is a proud partner to marketing technology leaders such as,


This helps us in completing the solution ecosystem for our clients.


Business Model

Xerago’s Marketing Centres of Excellence operate on a Managed Services model. In rare cases we work with our clients on turnkey projects.


The leadership team at Xerago is spread out across our offices in San Francisco Bay Area, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai, truly bringing a global mindset to the way we operate.


The consulting, engineering and customer support teams are located offshore in India.


Why Xerago

We help…

De-geek analytics
Make marketing technology less mystifying

 Streamline marketing processes 

Resulting in skyrocketing marketing velocity and efficiencies.

technology familiarity

Technology Familiarity

Xerago is technology agnostic. We are comfortable working with most of the technologies.

however both the


Xerago has people with diverse skillsets.


 This include Marketing Consultants, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Research Executives, UX Designers, Visual Designers, Copywriters, UI Engineers, Content Writers, SEO Executives, Digital Marketers, Content Management Executives, Web Analysts, Social Media Managers, Functional Consultants, Campaign Managers, Quality Analysts, Software Engineers, Support Engineers, Mobile App Developers, System Administrators, Data Scientists, Big Data Experts, Statisticians and Modelers.



We take pride in our ability to horizontally cut through key components of the marketing ecosystem and plug value leaks.



Demonstrating strategic clarity, delivering operational excellence, keeping customers delighted, and staying transparent are the core values that drive Xerago.



Xerago is governed by strict guidelines and stringent InfoSec standards. Xerago has successfully cleared a number of InfoSec audits by third party audit firms, appointed by our customers as part of their InfoSec policies.