Singapore bank recaptures lost Google sheen!



The bank began its Singapore operations relatively recently and despite being a latecomer to the retail-banking sector, has grown into a formidable player with a major market share. Their services include unsecured lending, deposits, investments and secured assets. It was among the first four foreign banks to be awarded the Qualifying Full Bank (QFB) license by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in 1999.


The bank’s Singapore business wasn’t being picked up by search engines after their global re-branding exercise. Several of the unit’s owned product and category keywords resulted in some competitor’s website being displayed or threw open some irrelevant pages resulting in the loss of organic traffic (relevant results). The bank wanted to correct this and restore its search engine ranking and Xerago was assigned this task.


Xerago conducted a comprehensive audit of the online portal to identify reasons that could have impacted its search rankings or visibility and realized that during the portal revamp, the URL structure of the portal had been changed and all the backlinks that had been earned before were lost – which then led to the lower search engine rankings. To counter this, Xerago devised a strategy using a combination of both on page and off page optimization techniques.
Xerago deployed a structured on-page optimization process to improve access to elements such as text, titles, and tags and ensured there was high keyword density. Further, factoring in Google’s Penguin update (which would track any artificial increase in the ranking of the page through unethical means), Xerago devised a three layered link-wheel strategy (where other unique web 2.0 sites with high page ranks are used to create backlinks to your site) with satellite, fringe and third party sites driving links back to the Singapore site.
Apart from this Xerago went on to create search engine friendly URLs, removed obsolete ones and ensured that all pages had optimal keyword density to ensure top page ranking. All this helped the bank’s Singapore business improve its search engine rankings – which led to a significant increase in organic traffic.


Significant increase in organic traffic
Significant increase in leads generated from search
Significant growth of high competition keywords
Significant reduction in bounce rate
Significant increase in conversion rates due to relevant page redirection for specific keywords


The bank was listed under banking and related products in local directories
Regained the traffic from competitors by listing keywords that were more relevant.

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