Restructured portal brings cheers to Private Bank



The client, a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest banks, with a host of private banking services for elite customers such as entrepreneurs and senior executives, with 60 offices in 23 countries.


The bank’s private banking segment was competing with other established private banks in Europe, but was unable to acquire traction in the heavily relationship-driven market and therefore unable to capitalize the extensive opportunities available.


Xerago was brought on board to recommend a course of action that would turn things around for the subsidiary’s European presence. Xerago conducted an initial assessment of the bank’s products, customers and operating landscape and identified the following-

  • There were multiple customer segments within the target group (Mass Affluent, Emerging Affluent, HNI & Noveau Rich)
  • A significant percentage of existing customers were dormant
  • The client was seen as an aggressive American brand – which did not resonate well with the relationship-driven sensibilities of the target audience

Xerago concluded that a repositioning of the bank’s private banking subsidiary in the minds of its target audience was needed to turn things around. To this end Xerago began by working to change the bank’s perceived aggressive image to one that was more persuasive contextually.

Xerago then went on to create digital assets and segment-specific custom content that used various touch points to reach out to the existing dormant customer base. Lead and prospect generation pipelines for the portal and other touch points were also established.

A relationship management platform was built by Xerago to help Relationship Managers with regard to client approach and communication strategy. The tool had a custom developed CRM tracker to measure the Managers’ performances.

Personalized product baskets and a restructured portal with a focus on usability and great user experience were also part of the transformation spearheaded by Xerago. Appropriate capture and measurement systems were deployed to measure engagement and maximize efficiency.


As a result of Xerago’s interventions the client experienced a complete turnaround in the European private banking market. It experienced-

  • 25% increase in engagement
  • 15% increase in usage
  • 18% increase in prospects
  • 20% increase in activation of accounts

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