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Parry America Inc. is a company that promoted bio-pesticides and natural products through organic and integrated pest management programs. The company supports cultivators with product and application knowledge through its marketing associates in the US, by promoting organic and integrated pest management. Parry America’s follows a distribution oriented business model, where the consumers visit the distributors shop and buy the product.


Parry America had an existing online portal. However the portal had not been updated in 5 years and used archaic web technologies that rendered the site obsolete. Parry America wanted to redesign the site and make the design current. They also wanted to draw the audience’s attention to their catalog of products and establish brand salience.


Xerago recognized that the need of the hour was to bring the site up to current standards. This meant a total overhaul of the content, narrative, flow, user experience and visual aesthetic appeal of the entire site.

Xerago identified that the theme of the site would have to be in line with the company’s line of business and its commitment to a greener community. Xerago chose visual imagery that was congruent to this theme, with an intentional use of people-centric visual imagery.

Xerago also realized that in order to establish brand prominence, the newly re-designed site would need to focus on information availability and organically drive visitor engagement to product pages. The site navigation would have to have to follow a logically structured path to lead visitors through relevant pages and content.

Xerago analyzed the client’s online presence and worked out archetypal visitor behaviors based on inputs from the client. With this knowledge, Xerago reorganized the information and content units and created an intuitive navigation flow based on the users’ wants and needs.

For the site homepage, Xerago created showcase banners with high quality visuals and discrete information units, each with their own relevant imagery and call to actions. Xerago also built a host of dedicated support pages such as

  • R&D Initiatives
  • Patents and Certifications
  • Industry Partnerships

Additionally, Xerago created a comprehensive catalog of Parry America’s products and an interactive Bio Efficacy Spectrum that provided graphs and efficiency figures for all product lines at a single click. Site visitors were able to cross reference by product, crop and functionality and get a single page view of all Parry America’s offerings.

The entire site design was based on the three click design philosophy to facilitate quick search and easy information accessibility.


Xerago was able to revamp and take the site live in record time. The redesigned site helped Parry America anchor its presence and establish a strong brand presence in the highly competitive American bio-pesticide market.

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