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While the operational requirements of having an updated portal is quite challenging, most CMOs have the problem cracked to some extent, though it is still reasonably common to stumble across portals that have outdated information, errors of omission and commission, and other issues. The bigger issue confronting most marketers is being able to manage the portal to accomplish business results. In organizations mature enough to expect yield from their portals, marketers are more challenged. Xerago offers Portal Management services that help marketers use their portals to accomplish their business goals.

Defining Business Goals

Defining the role that the portal plays in the marketing process is essential to achieving business goals. As a marketer, unless you are able to define the context in which the portal will be used, and the target audiences who will use the portal, you cannot define the goals that the portal is intended to accomplish. When it comes to e-commerce portals, the goals are simple – to drive sales and revenues. For other industries, different target audiences may expect different goals to be accomplished. Within customer segments, you could have new to brand and existing users. You could have users who use one product, who may need to be upsold on using a second product. For investors, goals are simple. For FMCG brands, the portal has to be able to tell the brand story effectively, requiring engagement and reach metrics.

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Accomplishing Goals

Defining the goals is half the problem. The real challenge then begins. Most agencies are comfortable with funnel conversion. But how do you influence your website visitors to take specific actions to achieve your goals? How do you laterally drive traffic within your portal? How do you ensure that visitors do not drop off? Do you use web analytics as a post-mortem tool that tells you what happened, much after the customer has gone or do you actually use it to influence visitor movement across your site?

Xerago manages some of the largest portals in the world, answering exactly such questions. Xerago takes responsibility not just for managing the portals operationally, but also to help clients accomplish their business goals. If you are challenged to address business goals on your portals, you should speak to Xerago.



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