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With all the large platforms like Google and Facebook offering CPC and CPA based advertising models, most marketers have outsourced their acquisition challenges to their digital agencies many of who also work on variable compensation basis. Hence, most CMOs turn a blind eye to the challenges of acquisition and leave it to their agencies to figure out how to deliver the numbers. With increasing prevalence of audience data on digital media, it is becoming progressively easier to re-target consumers and to drive effectiveness. Many marketers however are yet to explore these new areas of digital marketing. It requires a marketing partner who understands not just digital and mobile media, but also data and marketing precepts to help you with your Digital & Mobile marketing in this day and age.

Segue your traditional marketing to digital

You work extraordinarily hard to define your advertising target audiences – including when and how to reach them. When it comes to your digital and mobile marketing however, brand messages are not consistent, anyone who clicks on the ad is the target audience, and there is little effort to rationalize exposures and maximize impact. Wouldn’t it be great if your digital and mobile marketing partner was able to carry forward your marketing strategy digitally? With the growing maturity of tools to dedupe target audiences between traditional and digital, imagine the negative impact if your offline advertising and digital advertising sent completely conflicting messages to the same consumers.

Leverage re-targeting right

Have you seen your re-targeted advertising? Most brands just repeat the same communication to consumers instead of getting smart about re-targeting. Just as your traditional brand campaigns are not effective when you keep repeatedly exposing the same advertising again and again to the same consumers, you need to get your creative strategy to work in alignment with your re-targeted advertising for your strategy to be truly effective. Even in cases where marketers spend on CPC / CPA, it is essential to do this to ensure full brand alignment.

Social signals for acquisition

How well are you leveraging social signals to drive acquisition? Though social media sites are limiting opportunities for free advertising on social networks, simultaneously, the opportuntiy for brands to leverage social signals is increasing. As part of your acquisition strategy, we can help you put together the right marketing strategy to acquire and engage with prospects and customers using the right combination of Social Media pages, Apps, and Advertising. We even help you figure out how to continue your conversations with your existing customer base on their social media pages! All this using combinations of media, analytics and technology that you have never seen before.

If you are serious about digital and mobile marketing and wish to dramatically improve the quality of your digital marketing initiatives, you need to speak to Xerago.

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