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In addition to traditional advertising, broadly speaking, most CMOs need to drive 5 different kinds of marketing programs. While this is not an exhaustive list, these are probably the most common kinds of marketing programs that today’s CMOs need – and certainly these are the marketing programs that Xerago has tremendous expertise in managing for clients.


1 to 1 Marketing

As it gets progressively more expensive to acquire customers and cheaper to profile customers, it is clear that marketers have to invest in retaining existing customers and derive more and more value from them. Marketing to existing customers requires an understanding of your customers at an intimate level. Not only do you have to understand the nature of your customer relationship with the brand, but also the unlimited ways you can deepen their relationship with you. How to drive usage. How to reduce attrition and churn. How to increase relationship value. How to cross-sell other products. How to upsize the ticket value. How to add-on other products and services. How to make customers engage better and deeper with your brand. In cases where the moments of interaction are few and far between, how to increase the number of interactions and increase value. Marketing has gone far beyond old school RFM models now. Event based marketing, where marketing communication is triggered by customer interaction, is a good example. Xerago does all this and more. Explore how xerago's one to one marketing services can drive more revenues.

Inbound Marketing

One of the biggest challenges that most marketers face in the digital world is the need to drive traffic to their websites. While it is obviously possible to drive traffic through paid advertising, most marketers find it increasingly difficult to justify doing so, in the face of spend pressures and need to demonstrate ROI. While it makes eminent business sense to incentivise customers to click on ads and visit landing pages where the advertising message is continued and conversion is correlated, it is difficult to spend on clicks and drop traffic on the portal where the ROI is less correlated. With search engine algorithms becoming sophisticated making it difficult to spam search engines into delivering traffic, marketers are forced to produce content that is relevant for users, drawing users in. By leaving trails of relevant content on social media, blogs, external websites, video sites and industry and consumer forums, marketers who adopt the strategy of leaving behind content breadcrumb trails all over the Internet generate traffic. However, this effectively means that marketers have to become publishers.How do marketers produce content, great content, relevant content? Enter Xerago Inbound Marketing practice.

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Digital & Mobile Marketing

With all the large platforms like Google and Facebook offering CPC and CPA based advertising models, most marketers have outsourced their acquisition challenges to their digital agencies, many of who also work on variable compensation basis. Hence, most CMOs turn a blind eye to the challenges of acquisition and leave it to their agencies to figure out how to deliver the numbers. With increasing prevalence of audience data on digital media, it is becoming progressively easier to re-target consumers and to drive effectiveness. Many marketers however are yet to explore these new areas of digital marketing.It requires a marketing partner who understands not just digital but how to Segue your traditional marketing to digital.

Portal Management

While the operational requirements of having an updated portal is quite challenging, most CMOs have the problem cracked to some extent, though it is still reasonably common to stumble across portals that have outdated information, errors of omission and commission, and other issues. The single biggest issue confronting most marketers is being able to manage their portal to accomplish business results. In many digitally mature organizations, where the CMO has a clear responsibility to derive yield from their portals, marketers are challenged for answers. Xerago offers Portal Management services that help marketers to accomplish their business goals.


Social Media Marketing

While the hype surrounding social media marketing has faded to some extent, and some brands are considered case-study material, the fact remains that many marketers do not yet have a comprehensive social media strategy in place, though everyone acknowledges the importance for implementing the same. Organizations with effective social media strategies are getting a host of benefits. At a fundamental level, the use of social media for customer listening and audience engagement is reasonably prevalent. For more sophisticated marketers, social media marketing also helps accomplish business goals in terms of customer research, net promoter scores, reduction on customer service channel load, product and feature prioritization, etc. Regardless of your organization maturity in leveraging social media marketing, Xerago can help brands to become socioverts and drive more value.

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