Kotak Mahindra Bank’s bid to integrate email and SMS channels



Kotak Mahindra Bank is the fourth largest Indian private sector bank by market capitalization, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Kotak Mahindra Bank decided to implement the IBM Enterprise Marketing Management Suite and integrate email and SMS channels.


Kotak Mahindra Bank utilized SMS as a vital customer outreach channel. They were in the process of adopting the IBM Enterprise Marketing Management Suite for their marketing operations. Kotak wanted to create a closed loop marketing system using the current SMS framework and IBM Campaign tool where outcomes could be captured and fed back into the system as inputs for on-going insights.


Xerago began by identifying the wants of Kotak Mahindra and its existing technology capabilities. Based on its analysis Xerago identified the following gaps.

  • The connectivity between the IBM Campaign and the SMS framework was not natively possible
  • The client was faced with the choice of purchasing/ licensing expensive proprietary middleware to achieve a seamless connectivity
  • There was the risk of disrupting the existing client side infrastructure (i.e. move SMS providers, face increased messaging costs etc.) if the new middleware capabilities were introduced

Hence Xerago concluded that Kotak Mahindra Bank required a solution that could not only bridge the incompatibility between IBM Campaign and the SMS framework but also do so without disturbing the SMS infrastructure that was already in place.

Xerago proposed a custom engineered automated solution that would function as a go between to IBM Campaign and the SMS vendor’s environment. The solution would involve no acquisition of expensive support hardware or software and would not uproot the existing client-side deployment.

While IBM Campaign generated the target list of customers based on the Kotak Mahindra’s campaign requirements, Xerago’s solution involved a shell-based script that pushed the final SMS list in a .CSV file to the vendor’s FTP server. The SMS vendor was then able to process the list, run campaigns and generate campaign response reports. Xerago’s script then fetched back the campaign report and fed the responses back into Campaign thus creating a closed loop marketing process.


This solution is significant in that it reconciled two completely disparate processes and systems into one streamlined solution. Xerago was able to bridge two separate campaign entities i.e. upstream and downstream without any investment into third party software or hardware and with minimal extra cost.

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