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Loyal Textiles is one of the largest manufacturers of yarn, fabrics, garments and textile products in India. From modest beginnings in 1956 as a spinning and weaving mill, Loyal Textiles has evolved with the times to occupy a leadership position today. It comprises four spinning mills, two weaving units, one knitting unit, one dyeing house, seven garment manufacturing units, one trading cum retailing company and a joint venture trading company in Italy.

With an ISO certification of 9002:2008 and an annual turnover to the tune of $25 million, Loyal Textiles has many firsts to its credit. Today, they are widely recognized as market leaders in their segment.

The Challenge

Since its inception in 1956, Loyal Textiles had remained an offline business with zero digital footprint. The portal was not well structured with limited visual flair.

With the changing times, there was an urgent need to tap the huge consumer base looking to buy textile goods. Loyal Textiles was also looking to expand its online presence.

What they needed was a complete overhaul of their Digital presence.

The Solution

On further analysis, a few areas of improvement were noticed:

  • The site’s home page was not reflective of the company’s vision. Banners were static and uninspiring.
  • The website content did not come across as lively and SEO friendly.
  • The site was not optimized for mobile devices (not responsive).
  • Search engine rankings were not significant and hence brand visibility was poor.
  • Measurement using analytics and better reporting to stakeholders was an area of concern.

Based on the observations, Xerago proposed a comprehensive solution which involved a complete revamp of the website with emphasis on Information architecture, responsive design, implementation of SEO and a real time analytics framework that would help measure the customer journey. Interestingly, to arrive at the solution, design-thinking methods were used (with our small twists!)

Once the business requirements were frozen, our design and development teams got down to work.

In the first phase, the overall information architecture was changed and a new website navigation structure was established.

On the creative side, a dynamic flash banner with multi-colored tiles for the homepage was designed. Carefully chosen images reflecting a modern era were used. The purpose of a completely re-engineered homepage was aimed at capturing and retaining the audience’s attention.

The earlier site used a PDF dump to disclose the portfolio of Loyal Textiles’ product line. Our development team analyzed the entire dump to segregate the products and created separate pages for each segment. These product pages had complete information about the kind of fabric, style and the technology used. This listing was created to provide complete information about a certain material – aimed at increasing engagement among the visitors.

Adding to that, an enquiry portal was created for small businesses to get a quote for different products. Being a B2B company, Loyal Textiles would greatly benefit from the leads generated through the enquiry page.

In the second phase, the entire focus was on making the site responsive.

The earlier version of the site was built using pre-defined plug-ins from WordPress that did not render well on some viewports (device specific). Our development teams sat for days together to fix the source code that went through multiple rounds of testing.

The third phase was to include the SEO elements and the analytics code to all the webpages. Our SEO and the analytics team did a keyword research for the most relevant terms. Meta tags rich in keywords were included in all the pages.

Once the source code was pushed to live, the search engine rankings were monitored and the reports were generated for tracking competitors and optimization of the site.

The Result

Xerago achieved the following milestones:

  • We succeeded in creating a highly responsive website from ground up – in a matter of 60 days.
  • Through the enquiry portal, we created an online property for a completely offline business for generating sales.
  • Loyal Textiles’ website traffic and search engine rankings increased dramatically.
  • Armed with the analytics data, Loyal Textiles was able to derive insights from metrics such as page views, visitor duration and bounce rate to further optimize its online experience.

In summary, Xerago increased the usability of website to a great extent which paid rich dividends for our client. Digital Transformation at it’s best.

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