Xerago understands that there are several brands that have been using IBM Campaign since the Affinium and Unica days. Such brands with extensive IBM platform experience have different needs than new IBM platform users. In order to address the unique requirements of such brands, Xerago offers below services.

Version Upgrades and Existing Campaign Migration

IBM has released IBM Campaign 10.0.0, with major changes and attractive features. The latest platform allows native integration with IBM Engage (formerly Silverpop) in IBM Marketing Cloud, which provides digital marketing and lead management solutions incorporating email, SMS, and mobile push, along with embedded analytics.

However, it is very likely that many of the experienced IBM Campaign users are still using earlier versions of the platform. Xerago can help such brands seamlessly upgrade to the latest version of IBM Campaign and migrate existing campaigns – all without any impact to existing campaign management operations.

If you are an experienced IBM Campaign customer who wants to upgrade to the IBM Campaign Platform, please get in touch with us.

Technical support

For customers that use IBM Campaign, Xerago offers a dedicated support team that works out offshore, but on client’s business timings. As part of technical support and maintenance, Xerago’s support team delivers the below services:

  • Ensure uptime of IBM Campaign platform
  • Activation and de-activation of user accounts
  • Manage channels that are integrated with IBM Campaign and resolution of any integration challenges by coordinating with channel counterparts
  • Raising PMRs to IBM Tech Support, where required
  • Performing minor enhancements to smoothen and automate certain processes in IBM Campaign operations
  • Implementation of patches

If you are an experienced IBM Campaign customer who wants technical support, please get in touch with us.

Campaign Management Consulting

IBM Campaign investments are meant to increase campaign velocity. However, increasing campaign velocity requires immense understanding of data, customer lifecycles and marketing. Xerago’s consultants can help brands come up with a new set of campaigns across customer lifecycles so that you are able to increase marketing velocity, achieve healthy returns on IBM Campaign investment and eventually maximize customer value.

If you are an experienced IBM Campaign customer who wants to build new campaigns across customer lifecycles, please get in touch with us.

System Audit

It is a normal tendency for any campaign management platform to slow down over a period of time unless the campaign management system is regularly audited and optimization efforts carried out and IBM Campaign is no different. For brands that have been using IBM Campaign for a long period of time, Xerago provides system audit services, where Xerago’s consultants audit the client’s IBM Campaign environment, flowchart components, system tables, contact tables and response tables.

Based on the outcome of the audit, Xerago’s consultant provides recommendations to improve the performance of the IBM Campaign system. Where possible, Xerago’s consultants would implement the recommendations so that performance of IBM Campaign system is optimized.

If you are experiencing performance issues with IBM Campaign and want to optimize the same, please get in touch with us.

Campaign Management BAU Services

To maximize customer value on an ongoing basis, it is essential for brands to run campaign management operations regularly. To help brands continue momentum after the implementation partner exits, Xerago deploys dedicated IBM certified resources, who can execute campaigns as per the campaign calendar. Xerago has provided campaign management support to over 40 clients and has helped standardize Six Sigma campaign management processes and pre-defined SLAs for each campaign management activity.

To outsource campaign management operations to Xerago, please get in touch with us by clicking here.

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