Customer Value Maximization –
Create coherence and transform your marketing

Why do we need another marketing concept now

In the past 20 years, marketers have been forced to confront a whole slew of changes. Among these changes are….

  • The preponderance of the digital consumer
  • Emergence of the portal as the essential brand destination
  • Acquisition through digital, social and mobile media
  • Marketers becoming publishers due to the rise of Inbound marketing
  • Ubiquity of analytics and increasing pressure to demonstrate accountability, and
  • Increasing prevalence of marketing technologies

Marketing text books are unable to keep pace with the change. Marketers are constantly forced to re-evaluate their initiatives. Even for sophisticated marketers who have managed to tame some of these new beasts, one challenge remains: How do you manage the different marketing initiatives not individually, but together? Do you have a coherent marketing strategy that integrates the various marketing initiatives?

The response to this challenge is the raison d’être of Customer Value Maximization.

What is Customer Value Maximization

A solution created specifically to address the challenges of today’s CMOs who are expected to manage enormous marketing diversity, Customer Value Maximization integrates discrete marketing initiatives into a coherent whole. Customer Value Maximization creates a coherent response to the marketing challenges of today – allowing global marketers to adopt advanced analytics and modern marketing technologies and execute marketing programs at scale, in a sustainable and integrated manner. In a nutshell, Customer Value Maximization delivers marketing transformation to sophisticated marketers.

What are the driving principles of Customer Value Maximization

  • When customer journeys with the brand are consistent
  • When communication is in alignment across media and touch-points
  • When audience segments in the offline world segue into individual profiles in the customer database
  • When technologies and analytics stop limiting and start enhancing marketing clarity
  • When communication, technology and analytics operate in harmony
  • When CMOs get a coherent view of their marketing
  • You have Customer Value Maximization

If you are challenged by some of the emerging developments, or if you seek to harmonize your marketing initiatives so that they don’t all run independent of each other, then you should consider inviting Xerago for a discussion.

How do marketers implement Customer Value Maximization?

Presenting the Customer Value Maximization Console. The Xerago Customer Value Maximization Console is designed with one purpose – to transform your marketing. It harmonizes your marketing programs, and brings together best-of-breed technologies and sophisticated analytics, which marketers of today need.

What does the Customer Value Maximization Console do?

The Customer Value Maximization Console

  • Captures your marketing goals
  • Connects your marketing initiatives (Traditional + New Media)
  • Presents a consolidated view of your marketing
  • Analyzes and recommends areas for improvement, and
  • Helps you drive your marketing initiatives with coherence

The Customer Value Maximization Console is a solution developed over years of working with some of the largest brands in the world. The Customer Value Maximization Console consists of a product that is customized and implemented by our Customer Value Maximization experts, in alignment with your marketing strategy. While seemingly utopian and extraordinarily sweeping in terms of its vision, the Customer Value Maximization Console attempts to help marketers connect their diverse marketing programs, runs on top of best-of-breed marketing technologies, and allows marketers to use sophisticated marketing analytics capabilities. It does not attempt to replace any of your existing investments in marketing analytics and technologies. Au contraire, it integrates all the discrete efforts to bring coherence.

When your marketing strategy, your technology investments, your marketing programs and your customer analytics initiatives fire in harmony with the assistance of the Customer Value Maximization Console, your marketing combusts. The Customer Value Maximization Console leverages existing investments in technologies and analytics, identifies gaps with current tools, systems and processes, and brings clarity to marketing.

To know more about how Customer Value Maximization can transform your marketing, contact Xerago.

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