Creating a global touchpoint directory, online



Our client, one of the largest financial institutions in the world, had a restricted physical customer touch-point presence globally and wanted to catalogue the details of all its ATMs, branches and customer centers and share it with their customers.


Xerago was asked to suggest recommendations that would help the client achieve its ‘directoryesque’ requirements. Xerago undertook a detailed study and arrived at the following reflections –

  • The catalog was to be actively used on a regular basis by the client’s customers
  • The value contributed to the customers must be immense
  • The solution would be aimed at customers who travelled to various locations frequently
  • The client’s perceived area of weakness (lack of physical customer touchpoints) had to be converted into a strength

With the above considerations in mind, Xerago proposed a digital platform that would serve as an online directory of the client’s, branches and customer centers.

Xerago’s building of the platform began with acquiring an understanding of the various needs and requirements from the view of a typical user of the client. Xerago recognized that the solution had to offer the right mix of information and interactivity in order to resonate with its customers. To that effect, Xerago constructed an online application that was a mash-up of the best that Web 2.0 had to offer – it not only presented up to date information about the closest ATMs, branches and customer centers but also presented the locations of other bank ATMs within the customer’s search location, in order to truly fulfill customer expectations.

To create a stunning visual and interactive experience, Xerago incorporated a Google Maps interface as part of the application. All the locations of the ATMs, branches and customer centers would be plotted on the map interface and users could interact with this based on their location preferences. Also if the user selected any of the markers on the map they were presented with the address, timings and landmarks associated with that specific ATM, branch or customer center.

To evoke an emotional connect between the client and its customers. the application was even given a name.

Additionally, Xerago also created an admin module that enabled the client to update all the branch information in order to ensure that the application always presented the most up to date information to users.


The application was created as a pilot for Singapore where it became a resounding success. It created a remarkable brand affinity and CSAT improvement for the client. And this extremely positive reception of the application made the client extend its scope across the APAC region as well. Continued success in the APAC region led the directory to be implemented globally.

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