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Cheetah Learning’s Accelerated Exam Prep Online platform was facing a challenge of low adoption numbers among its target audience. The less than desirable adoption and usage rates contributed to a dip in test scores and waning interest among the test takers. Cheetah Learning wanted to drive adoption and facilitate better usage of the course material among their target audience.


Cheetah Learning approached Xerago to help spearhead the endeavor. Xerago first analyzed the current situation and the wants of the stakeholders. Based on this, Xerago proposed the idea of creating a more engaging online learning experience that would in turn invoke interest, encourage usage and contribute to higher test scores among its users.

Xerago’s strategy involved a complete redesign of the Cheetah Learning site and the development of a new desktop learning widget. A widget would provide students access to their learning plan, progress and scores anytime and anyhere!

Xerago began the site design exercise by identifying the various target segments of the Cheetah Learning customer base. Xerago mapped and designed the site in a way that would appeal to its various target segments. An intuitive navigation flow re-organized the content and a sitemap was drawn up as the foundation for the site.

Xerago was able to create distinctly different experiences for first time and returning users. The first time user site focused on easy signup and lesson plan structuring. Xerago created a wizard to take first time visitors through a phased sign up and setup process.

First Time Users:

  • Exam Parameters

Xerago helped set up exam parameters such as the number of exams, test dates, prep duration, study material organization etc. Xerago also created a pre-study planner that allowed students to prioritize their tasks and set goals accordingly.

  • Peak Performing Mind

Students were given diet, exercise and lifestyle tips that would train their minds to adapt to the rigors of academic preparation. Xerago also created a set of tools like a Lifestyle Compliance Calculator, Action Plan creators, Menu Planners and Shopping List Generators that would help students stick to their lifestyle plan and undertake a disciplined approach to preparation.

  • Accelerated Study Techniques

Test takers were taught memory retention techniques that would help them rapidly assimilate exam material and sharpen recall skills. The section helped students learn mind mapping techniques, create summary sheets of key information and plan time schedules for practice tests. Students also had the option to print out a copy of their summary sheets as handy references.

  • Relaxed Focus

Students were presented with tips on how to remain in a state of relaxed focus throughout the preparation process. This involved a combination of yoga, breathing exercises and psychoacoustic technology which would put the test takers in a state of relaxed concentration and improve confidence. Xerago created separate pages for each recommended exercise and music pages that allowed users to choose from stock ambient calming music or upload their own!

  • Structured Learning

This section allowed test takers to put together the various components of their preparation schedule using a host of visual planning tools – Tasks, Duration / Frequency and their respective scheduled times were all mapped out as an easy-to-implement exam preparation plan.

Ongoing (Returning) Users:

For returning users, Xerago focused on providing a comprehensive tracking and reporting of the progress of their preparation – an all in one homepage dashboard that presented all key progress information in a single view. Moreover test takers could zone in to their specific prep. Daily, Weekly and Monthly trackers allowed students to track and rate each activity. Xerago also created a ‘Cheetah Score’ that was prominently displayed on the returning user pages. The score would serve as a constant reminder of the users’ overall progress and motivate them to score higher. Students could also assess where they performed well and where they required improvement in a bid to improve their Cheetah Score.

Wireframe and Template:

Both first time and returning users pages were designed using wire frames. Wire frames allowed Xerago to experiment with the layout of content and information elements to create the best look and feel while staying true to the Cheetah Learning branding guidelines. This also allowed Xerago to create design templates to cater to both types of Cheetah’s students’ sensibilities and provide an engaging online experience.

Widget Design:

Xerago created the desktop App using Yahoo Widgets 4.0. The widget would connect to the main site’s database to retrieve and publish notifications to the test taker’s desktop. Information such as his current Cheetah Score, current and subsequent tasks, and activity reminders were available on the users’ desktop. This allowed users to access their preparation information without having to visit the actual site every time.


The new site and desktop widget was well-received by Cheetah’s students. The site allowed students from any location to access Cheetah Learning’s Accelerated Prep Program and tailor their learning program to their needs. Cheetah Learning reported strong adoption rates and downloads which directly influenced the record number of signups for the Accelerated Prep program and the increase in average test scores.

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