Overview: TIBCO’s Brand Awareness and Inspiring Digital Marketing Success Story

TIBCO is a leading provider of software solutions that enable businesses to integrate internal operations, business partners and customer channels in real time.


TIBCO’s was looking to reinforce its product positioning and create a brand awareness of its leadership position in the Business Process Management space. Xerago was identified as a partner to drive this B2B marketing campaign. Continue the read of inspiring digital marketing success story of TIBCO.


Xerago undertook a detailed analysis of TIBCO’s marketing environment, its competition, and product positioning and identified that a successful campaign would entail:-

  • targeting C level executives within the target group of companies
  • leverage the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) concept momentum prevalent on the web

Based on the analysis, Xerago identified the appropriate media vehicles for the campaign and matched the target segment with the ideal media mix and built the line of communication that addressed the segment’s sensibilities. Further creative build out an adaptation of communication for each media vehicle was carried out as part of the campaign development. Xerago helped TIBCO with campaign development and management across the digital spectrum. Given below are the details:

Display advertising:

To drive awareness about TIBCO’s BPM leadership position, Xerago helped TIBCO run display advertising campaigns. Xerago identified a host of high traffic yielding business to business sites where the target audience was present (CIO, BPM, BPM-today, CMP sites, etc…) and strategized a detailed media plan. Post planning, Xerago executed the online display advertising campaign for TIBCO in sync with the defined objective – “Increased Leadership Awareness” in US and UK. On an ongoing basis, Xerago monitored the advertisement performance in each of the third party sites and enhanced the communication and media plan for optimum performance.


Xerago helped TIBCO acquire more leads by running email campaigns specific to the various target segment sensibilities. Xerago designed multiple mailers – each providing a distinct interpretation of TIBCO’s leadership position like BPM, SOA, SmartMapper Book, Launch Mailer, TUCON Foresight Executive Summit and Partner Powerlines. Post the email campaign rollout, Xerago measured the mailer performance and altered the communication for future campaigns.

BPM Microsite:

Xerago analyzed TIBCO’s current BPM microsite and identified that the BPM assessment test engine had an outdated design and was not interactive. So, Xerago recreated the BPM assessment test engine with an interactive experience.

Sales Collateral Development:

To support TIBCO’s marketing activities, Xerago designed and developed Sales collateral like SOA presentation and case studies.


  • Overall discount and value-ads provided to the client during the Media buying and negotiation stage was 30% – 40 %.
  • Average email open rates increased from 14% to 35%.
  • Achieved click-through rates of 0.71%


  • Creation of master templates & style guides that allowed for future uses.
  • Real-time analysis of user navigation and optimization of campaigns based on streaming insights was the key benefit.

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