Empowering HDFC Bank’s data migration


HDFC Bank limited is a leading Indian provider of financial services and one of India’s largest banks by market capitalization and by assets. The Bank has more than 50 million customers.


HDFC Bank wanted to upgrade its data technologies stack without disrupting any on-going analytical marketing programs. The bank was discarding its existing SQL Server Enterprise Data warehouse and was migrating to a Data warehouse appliance – IBM Netezza – that conflicted with the current version of the Campaign Management Platform platform, IBM Campaign version 7.5. And the proposed migration stalled due to a few challenges:-

  • The transition to Netezza necessitated the client to upgrade from IBM Campaign v7.5 to v9.0 to ensure compatibility – which would result in a move from an on-premise data processing solution to the cloud
  • The client was unwilling to migrate to the cloud due to security concerns and the product vendor could not offer any intermediate solutions

HDFC Bank wanted a smooth transition of all triggers and tables from their existing database to the new Netezza appliance and database connectivity through a third party driver called Data Direct was attempted. However, the Data Direct drivers were found to be incompatible with Netezza and the database vendor could not offer an alternative other than to suggest an upgrade to the latest version of Campaign.

The client was apprehensive about costs and migration risks that would arise with an upgrade and hence sought a workaround that would not involve upgrades and downtimes.


Xerago was brought on board to identify a solution to HDFC Bank’s data warehouse challenge. We conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s technology environment and requirements in the light of the new challenges.

Xerago evaluated a host of options to identify those that would ensure successful connectivity between the client’s existing system and Netezza (the new enterprise data warehouse) with minimal adjustments. Xerago settled upon an approach that involved realigning the database drivers at a configuration level.

Xerago installed the Netezza ODBC drivers in a test environment to try and establish connectivity to the client’s version of the IBM Campaign. Xerago then reworked the configuration files and was able to establish connectivity with the client’s version of Campaign, with the customized configuration. After testing the connectivity between the Netezza driver and IBM Campaign from the backend, Xerago implemented the setup in the live server.

With Campaign now connected to Netezza, Xerago began the process of transitioning from the older SQL server to the newly installed data warehouse. Xerago created a Netezza template in the IBM Campaign and mapped it to the data source. The Netezza equivalent codes of the specific SQL functions and triggers were identified and ported into the new enterprise data warehouse. The templates and triggers were then tested and signed off for production.

Thus, Xerago helped HDFC Bank seamlessly transition its data warehouse platform with zero impact to its existing analytical marketing programs and also helped the bank save millions.


Xerago was able to carve out a solution to a challenge that would have otherwise resulted in significant monetary re-investment by the client. Xerago helped HDFC to save costs by

  • Forgoing Netezza for another Campaign compatible data warehouse solution
  • Not upgrading to the Netezza compatible version of Unica Campaign

Xerago’s solution was significant in the fact that it offered compatibility for a client’s system that was unavailable through vendors and specialists alike while ensuring there were no downtimes or scale downs in HDFC’s regular routines and campaigns.

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