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One of the biggest in the APAC region, the bank has a significant presence in 18 countries across the Asia-Pacific region, offering a full range of cash, trade, and securities solutions, tailored to suit local markets. Using a client-focused approach, the bank has always leveraged the latest technology to deliver the most effective solutions by combining the power and resources of a global leader with the knowledge of the local market. Regardless of its size or nature of business, the bank has the required bandwidth to help all of its corporate clients meet their business challenges and capitalize on new opportunities.


The bank was looking to understand performance, user engagement and visitor behavior on its Marketing (pre-login) section of its portal in order to optimize their inbound marketing programs. And for this, it had picked Adobe SiteCatalyst, the leading enterprise class web analytics platform with powerful features like segmentation, marketing attribution, real-time customer engagement, mobile analytics etc. and Xerago was assigned the task of its implementation.


Xerago started with a complete portal audit which included the identification and understanding of portal user personas and business users’ requirements, conversion funnel, navigation path, site search and internal and external campaign tracking requirements. After this, Xerago developed a solution design framework and came up with a tagging plan that would cover all the inventories in the portal – content, visual imagery, text links and call to actions. Xerago then customized all the tags on pre-login pages to enable the retrieval of critical data as per the needs of the business and stakeholders.

Xerago also ensured that all form pages were custom tagged with enhanced tracking capabilities such as identifying form breakpoints and customer drop off areas and then tested the setup for accurate data capture. We then generated sample reports to confirm tag completeness and data integrity after which the tags were implemented within the bank’s production environment.

After the implementation process, Xerago focused on reporting – using Adobe Site Catalyst’s reporting capabilities, a host of weekly, monthly and quarterly reports that provided detailed insights on portal performance, visitor engagement, and user behavior, were generated.

Xerago’s inbound marketing team then analyzed the reporting requirements of stakeholders and identified the required set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that would aid in decision making. Using these KPIs, dashboard templates were constructed in excel and using Adobe SiteCatalyst’s data builder functionality, extracted data from the source in and transformed them for analysis. Insights derived from these analyses were presented in the dashboard along with recommendations. The dashboards were shared on a monthly and quarterly basis.

For example, one of the custom reports was a business case dashboard that helped the eBusiness team substantiate the effectiveness of portal rebranding by demonstrating a significant increase in visitor inflow and engagement.


Xerago was able to turnaround the performance of the bank’s portal and inbound marketing by delivering clear and actionable insights to its stakeholders. Using the newly leveraged web analytics, Xerago was able to deliver heat map reports (values represented as colours) and the bank instantly identify good as well as low performing areas in the site.

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