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Overview: Pvt. Ltd is a profitable organisation and one of the fastest growing internet companies within the digital and offline matrimony spaces. Apart from 200 outlets in India, it has a presence in the UK, the US, Dubai, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Their website logs about 8000 users each day and is based on a C2C (member-to-member) model. has 350 micro websites that are frequented by over three million subscribers. 8000 new subscribers are added daily. It has active inbound and outbound marketing channels that interact with multiple customer segments every day, with call centres being the single largest outbound channel.

Challenge: wanted to maximize subscription revenue by increasing the conversion of free profiles to paid ones. The single biggest outbound channel at was the call centre and this task was handled by the TSEs. Though the recently deployed IBM Campaign was successful in terms of scoring leads, the distribution of leads to TSEs was handled manually since the IBM Campaign did not have a lead routing feature that would assign leads. This resulted in low efficiency levels and calling rates which in turn impacted conversion. Xerago was assigned the task of setting up a lead routing framework that would seamlessly distribute leads to the most appropriate TSEs.


Xerago reviewed’s call centre processes, the current marketing infrastructure and systems and found that a simple simple IBM Campaign integration integration with the call centre would not be sufficient. There were language specific groups within each team comprising TSEs who spoke in the local language and there were a few TSEs who were skilled at converting subscribers using free packages to paying users. Xerago also studied leads and noted that they were from across the country and belonged to various language groups. Some were old users who continued on with free packages despite being with the brand for a long time.

With all this in view, Xerago created an algorithm for an automatic rule-based lead distribution to TSEs –

  • Equal Distribution Logic: When the number of customers to be contacted was high, the leads were automatically assigned to the TSEs on an equal distribution model, based on number of leads and number of TSEs available.
  • Domain based distribution Logic: The algorithm would identify the leads’ State / City, map it to the language(s) spoken in the State, and automatically map it to a TSE who could speak in that particular language.
  • Vintage based distribution Logic: All free subscribers that were in the lead bucket for more than a specified period of time were automatically assigned to TSEs with specific skills.

To avoid any confusion in the automatic assignment of leads, Xerago developed a common flowchart (1 flowchart and 1 workflow) to manage lead distribution. Xerago wrote Stored Procedures in DB2 to increase the performance of the algorithm and reduce lead processing time. When this algorithm was integrated with the IBM Campaign, it was able to automatically distribute leads to the relevant TSEs and update their TSE calling database. As a result of this intervention a lot of manual overheads in assigning leads and eventual human errors were avoided and the lead management process was completely automated.


  • IBM Unica Campaign
  • MySQL Database
  • Linux Operating System
  • Database Scripts
  • Custom Macros in Campaign


  • Development of algorithm
  • Integration of algorithm with IBM Campaign


  • 30% improvement in outbound call rates with 3500 calls happening everyday
  • An average of 80 -135 conversions every day
  • ROI achievement in 3 months
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