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Overview: Pvt. Ltd, a profitable organisation, is one of the fastest growing internet companies within the digital and offline matrimony spaces. Apart from 200 outlets in India, it has a presence in the UK, the US, Dubai, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Their website logs about 8000 users each day and is based on a C2C (member-to-member) model. has 350 micro websites that are frequented by over three million subscribers. 8000 new subscribers are added daily. It has active inbound and outbound marketing channels that interact with multiple customer segments every day, with call centers being the single largest outbound channel.

Challenge: was facing issues in marketing continuity. All the customer-facing technologies and platforms were based on open source database [MySQL Community Edition] which was incompatible with the newly procured Enterprise Marketing Management suite. This created a huge bottleneck as

  • had already invested in an IBM EMM suite
  • And migrating the database now would disrupt marketing velocity, increase costs and be time-consuming. had embarked on a huge marketing drive and was looking to deliver a personalized and near-real-time experience to its subscribers. Faced with an ever-increasing amount of data to sort, generate, analyze and match from its 350 micro websites frequented by over three million subscribers, was not able to leverage any tools from the IBM EMM suite it had invested in.

Some of those tools include

  • SPSS which could generate descriptive statistics-based reports and predictive marketing models that support analytical marketing
  • Cognos Tool which would take care of the reporting, analysis, score-carding, and monitoring of events and metrics
  • IBM Campaign that would build cross-channel cross-channel campaign management capabilities and target millions of individuals, with the right message at the right time through the right channel.
  • IBM EMessage that could extend IBM Campaign capabilities to email and other outbound digital campaigns with the ability to create, preview, test, execute, and track messages.
  • IBM Interact that could drive an engaging and immersive inbound marketing experience on

Xerago was approached to providing a solution.


After reviewing the current environment, marketing infrastructure and business impact, Xerago realized that integrating the existing database to the IBM EMM suite would be the right solution. This would facilitate an access to the data that would power business intelligence and insights on the Cognos tool

Xerago used its rich experience of having implemented, customized and configured various generations of IBM Unica under different kinds of environments and tweaked the device drivers to facilitate a communication between MySQL and the IBM EMM suite. Xerago also made some configurations on the IBM Campaign to facilitate a perfect handshake with MySQL. The ODBC Drivers (software programs that helps establishing connectivity with the database) were then configured in such a way that, the MySQL database could easily connect to other IBM applications such as Interact, SPSS, and Cognos. Xerago ensured that the tweaks were made only at the driver and configuration levels and had a zero impact on’s existing systems. This solution enabled a seamless integration of MySQL with the IBM suite. This empowered to pursue marketing automation and campaign management without moving to a new database system that would have incurred significant cost and time.


  • IBM Unica Campaign
  • Cognos
  • SPSS
  • Interact
  • MySQL
  • Linux &Windows Flavour Operating Systems


  • Tweaks in device drivers
  • Configuration level changes in IBM Campaign
  • Integration of MySQL with IBM Suite


  • Integration achieved with zero impact on existing systems
  • Zero impact on daily business operations
  • Helped save huge costs that would have been incurred in migrating to any other database systems that IBM Suite would support
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