World’s Largest Hindu Temple Portal: An online Avataar for every Avataar

An online Avataar for every Avatar


Ishtadevata is a compendium of information of over 100,000 Hindu temples from all across the globe. It is currently the world largest collection of Hindu Temple related information which includes sections on the History, Spirituality, and Culture of each temple. Ishtadevata’s ultimate aim is to document information about every single Hindu Temple in the world and open the wonders of Hinduism to a new generation of audience.


As a one of a kind initiative with a one of a kind proposition, Ishtadevata wanted to empower and energize its target audience and approached Xerago to create an online presence that would capture and reflect the spirit of its purpose.


Based on extensive research, Xerago identified that Ishtadevata’s target audience was an eclectic mix spanning all walks of life with different needs. Ishtadevata’s audiences were roughly segmented as temple enthusiasts, the spiritually inclined, casual visitors and others with generic needs. Xerago realized there was a unique opportunity to cater to the wants and needs of the entire audience spectrum simultaneously and proposed an approach to make Ishtadevata the world’s largest temple site. However rather than simply create a mere listing of over a 100,000 Hindu Temples, Xerago’s proposal covered the creation of a completely cohesive experience including satisfying informational needs, create travel plans and provide historical, spiritual and cultural viewpoints on each temple. Xerago realized that Ishtadevata’s target audience was increasingly becoming more internet inclined and that the ultimate aim of this initiative was to bring the essence of Ishtadevata to people’s fingertips.

Ishtadevata’s visual experience included the use of custom colors and styling cues that triggered an instant resonance and emotional connection to the traditional saffron tinge of Hinduism. Xerago also created personas based on each of the audience segments and organized content in line with the typical users’ navigation needs.

Xerago ported Ishtadevata’s extensive collection of temple specific wishes online and mapped each temple’s informational unit with corresponding wish categories and subcategories. Additionally, the temples were also cross-referenced by deities and location allowing users to search and discover temples seamlessly through multiple criteria and preferences. And to create the sense of a community and ownership, Xerago created capabilities to host user-generated content, an active blog and influenced engagement through trivia and quizzes on Ishtadevata’s social pages.


With Xerago’s guidance, was launched on the 29th of January 2015. currently hosts information and content on over 100,000 Hindu temples across the globe and is a burgeoning community that is growing and touching lives every day. Its unique proposition and one of a kind experience truly make it the World’s Largest Hindu Temple Portal which Xerago proudly continues to be a part of.

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