A More Engaging Intranet Portal Solutions to Station-H Hexaware


Overview: Station-H Hexaware

A More Engaging Intranet Portal Solutions: Hexaware is established IT and Process outsourcing Service provider. With extensive experience in outsourcing, offshoring and enterprise IT management, Hexaware’s focus rests firmly within its ideals to maximize client value through excellence.

Hexaware’s footprint spans North America, Europe and the Asia pacific with some 200 clients and over 9000 employees.


Hexaware had an existing employee intranet portal which saw low interaction and usage among the employees. Xerago was brought on board to help redesign the intranet portal and drive higher engagement among the staff through the ranks.

Solution: A More Engaging Intranet Portal Solutions

Xerago intranet portal solutions team undertook an intricate analysis of the intranet portal, the target audience, the various stakeholders’ wants and needs and identified the following.

  • The existing portal lacked an emotive connect to the employees
  • Various ranks of employees consumed different types of content with different degrees of interests
  • Senior level employees were the highest engagers with middle level and junior level employees at the other end of the engagement spectrum. Since the majority of the workforce comprised middle an junior level employees, this posed a challenge to drive usage on the intranet portal

To address this concern, Xerago came up with a theme that provided a casual interaction opportunity in the manner of popular social networks such as MySpace and Orkut.

Further, Xerago also noticed the popularity of radio stations like Radio Mirchi among the middle and junior employees and proposed a redesign of the portal with a classic radio station theme.

Xerago reorganized information and content in line with the users’ navigation and wants to create an engrossing user experience.

Xerago created new sections and reorganized existing ones offering a mix of content that would engage all levels of employees. Some examples include

  • Management News
  • Video and Photo Galleries
  • E-Classifieds
  • Collaboration and Games Zones

The portal was re-christened ‘Station H’ with the tagline ‘Tune in to Hexaware’.


Station-H site became the platform for organization communication. Hexaware reported a steady increase in portal engagement and positive feedback from all factions of the Hexaware community!

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