Sulekha User Experience Optimization Case Studies


Sulekha User Experience Optimization Overview:

Sulekha is a one-stop online portal aimed at the Non Resident Indians (NRIs), which offered a host of content and services to help them reconnect and stay informed on events across India. Xerago Provided a Complete User Experience Optimization Turnaround For Sulekha


With strong marketing efforts on and offline. Sulekha was gearing up for a surge of first time visits to its portal. However Sulekha faced a challenge in trying to create an online experience< that would captivate users and influence them to sign up.


Xerago was brought on board to head the Website User Experience Optimization (UX Optimization) turnaround at Sulekha. Xerago began by conducting a complete analysis of Sulekha’s current site status and identified the following.

  • The site’s current traffic comprised predominantly of repeat users (70%)
  • The greatest need was for these users to view content relevant to them quickly
  • The site’s range of services had to be presented simply and cohesively

Based on this, Xerago concluded that the current site would have to change in order to meet the wants and needs of existing customers and visitors as well. Xerago proposed an overhauled site where content could be discovered easily, produce a great welcoming first impression and have a familiar Indian look and feel.

Xerago began by creating an intelligent desktop widget that provided the latest updates and direct access to the site’s specific sections. The widget was significant as it was highly task oriented and helped the user access content with very few clicks. Xerago did away with the traditional cookie-driven approach as research indicated that Sulekha’s NRI audience was highly privacy conscious and shunned browser-based cookies. The widget was just the answer to this.

The aim of the widget was to extend the scope of the site experience to the desktop. Xerago took into consideration the needs of both existing and new visitors and created pre and post-login versions of the widget which offered basic, free to view content for first-time visitors and personalized, location and interest-specific content to returning (registered) visitors.

Additionally, Xerago created resonating visuals in line with Sulekha’s brand guidelines. The new imagery was uploaded to the site’s homepage showcase carousel and rotated constantly so as to present a continuous predominantly interactive experience. Xerago also provided an adequate inventory of display ads that maximized the available site real estate. The entire site was wrapped in browser compliant XHTML, with simple grid layouts and easy navigability, thereby creating a free-flowing and simple online experience that was appealed to both new and returning visitors.


Sulekha’s new experience-driven site and widget received an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from all quarters of the NRI patronage. The fresh user experience drew high first timer traffic and led to a record number of signups and registrations. The widget also experienced high downloads and received rave reviews for its seamless extension of the site experience.

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