Portal Management – Why you need it

The Business Challenge

Picture this. An enterprise knows information drives its business but for a number of reasons the data isn’t available in ways that help. The problem is compounded by the enormous amounts of information that accumulate within and beyond the organization. The enterprises understands that information is the lifeline, in every department, in every function, in every step. After much despair, the enterprise discovers a magic wand an Enterprise Portal and says to itself ‘Our enterprise needs this’. And so, the enterprise goes ahead, makes big investments in a portal and sits back to see its problems disappear miraculously and the benefits accrue automatically. However, it takes so much effort to build a portal that the business forgets to ask ‘Will the portal perform?’, ‘Will it serve the goals it was intended to?’, ‘Just how will we manage the portal?’, ‘Can we make it more effective?’, ‘How do we maximize the ROI? In short, the enterprise doesn’t ask ‘How do we manage the portal?’

If your portal faces the customer and drives your business, these questions become all the more important.

Effective portal management requires that businesses ask and answer questions such as these:

  • What portal content is most in demand?
  • Does it take into account the trend towards convergence?
  • Is the portal built for different devices?
  • Which portal applications are being used most efficiently?
  • is working and what is not?
  • h search queries fail to return answers?
  • preferences exist by location and division?
  • What usage patterns does analysis reveal?

Xerago: Your Portal Manager

Xerago takes end to end responsibility for your portal and sets free your team to focus on its core competency. In line with its philosophy of Customer Value Maximization, Xerago will drive management of the portal with analytics and metrics to track effectiveness of the portal on a sustained basis. Xerago understands that a portal’s features and capabilities translate into the promised business benefits only when they are managed in a way that maximizes value for the enterprise. To achieve this, Xerago designs portal management in line with a systematic analysis of corporate goals and objectives. Guided by the corporate’s goals and processes, Xerago creates and manages the solution outcome connection so that what is potential is ultimately realized. Leading global brands have chosen Xerago to manage their portal and extended their contract with Xerago.

At Xerago, we will help you, among other things, discover how:

  • The value of content lies in making it easily accessible
  • Your business can unlock the value in your digital assets and monetize them
  • It is smarter to upgrade the way your business uses the system rather than simply upgrade a system
  • Your business can keep evolving and leverage portals better and better, with Xerago’s consulting and implementation capabilities

Read on to learn about:

  • How Xerago will help optimize your Portal Management
  • Types of Portals Xerago Creates and Manages
  • The Scope of Xerago’s Portal Management solution
  • Xerago’s Portal Management Offering: A Snapshot
  • Portals: A Primer
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