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How do you manage content, business logic, users, search capabilities, and databases? How do you make sure that the content across hundreds of pages of your portal is relevant and changed if expired? How can you be sure that the changes you make in your portal are reflected instantly in the front-end? How do you ensure that your portal works across devices?

Portal Management

Portal Management is about managing change. And if your website is a key channel, then this is not something you’d like to debate.

Xerago is an expert when it comes to Portal Management. Having been in the business for many years, we know through experience, what works and what doesn’t. We can handle implementations of portals, large and small and any volume of changes in content. We have worked with portals across diverse verticals for a wide variety of well known brands and customers in many countries. Vendor agnostic and working with a wide variety of enterprise and open-source Content Management Systems, Xerago can work with your existing CMS or can recommend and implement the right CMS for you, if required. We help keep your costs down, your maintenance of the portal effortless and simple and the whole process uncomplicated. In a nutshell, Xerago offers a complete, seamless and a cost-effective management of your portal.

Xerago’s CMS, technology, platform and process agnostic Portal Management Practice delivers unprecedented change-velocity and keeps you Porta-lligent!.

Mobile Management

Android, Blackberry and Symbian-powered phones are sweeping the market making it essential for portals to have lighter versions that also overcome hurdles such as small screen sizes, lack of multiple windows, slow speeds, apparently broken or compressed pages and costs

Mobile portals can be accessed from anywhere. They can be tailor-made to suit customers from one geographical area, or according to individual preferences. This is a vital aspect of managing portals that cannot be ignored.

Xerago understands the speed of mobile penetration, and adoption; the impact that it has on your brand and the infinite marketing possibilities it creates. Whether you want to be mobile ready, or manage your mobile presence – leverage on our IP. Xerago delivers optimized web content for a wide range of mobile handsets. We follow a “write once, render many” approach – which means that a portlet is coded only once but it renders on a variety of mobile handsets. What is more, this same portlet can provide HTML content to traditional browsers, reducing development and maintenance costs.

Xerago greatly reduces the development effort required to get a mobile portal up and running to support thousands of devices.

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