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17 analytical models that get you from DATA ….to INSIGHTS.

Data Analytics techniques for every marketing objective

Hi! Thanks for coming over. We applaud your intention to download our awesome Guide - Data Analytics Techniques for Marketing Life Stages. The techniques are flexible enough to meet every conceivable marketing objective you may have. Even the bizarre ones.

Want more details? Ok.

Who is this Guide for?

We are going to assume we are talking to the Grand Poobah - the CMO. Of a medium to large enterprise.

Maybe your team is using Data Analytics since before Clinton famously smoked but did not inhale. Maybe you want to explore how it can improve marketing efficiencies. Either way, this Guide has valuable information for you.

But. If you are not Head Marketing , or an enterprise of scale, read on just the same. It's still a great read. And Hey! We are betting you’ll be in the corner office soon. Don’t forget. You heard it first from Xerago.
Want to know why you should choose Xerago to manage your Digital and Data Analytics? Go through our Digital and Data Analytics Services Page. All the Ooohs! and Aaahs! and Rah Rah Raas! are out there. Chutzpah starts in 1 click. Start Oohing now….

Still not convinced? Sigh….Read on…..

What is this Guide? And what is it not?

TLDR. This Guide is a high-level view of Data Analytics techniques to meet all marketing objectives along the customer lifecycle.
This is not a How-To resource. We intentionally made this high level. We want you to understand the possibilities. Then prioritize and plan to execute yourself or reach out to us.

You get 17 of Xerago’s battle-tested repeatable Data Analytics techniques. For use throughout both marketing stages and customer life-cycles. Techniques ranging from lead generation, to customer conversion and growth, to encouraging customer loyalty and advocacy.

As an aside. Why 17? Because we think round numbers are overrated. People add bullshit points just to hit a round count. We’d never do that. Also, 16 was short, 18 was superfluous. So, 17 data analytical techniques it is.

Why download?

Because we want you to have the best analytics. No, seriously we do. We want your marketing programs to dazzle.

Ok. We also have this burning intent that you realize Xerago is the partner that can do this for you. Because we live by them.

Still not convinced?

Here are 3 reasons.

Data is ubiquitous. The ability to analyze it to produce actionable insights? Not so much.

1. Our understanding is, ubiquitous as the data might be, it is either inadequately used or not at all, in making the marketing process more efficient. This is the Data
Analytics Guide to Marketing Nirvana.

2. A brand is only as good as the customer thinks it is. Old jungle saying. Unlike the rubbish that infests the internet, this guide slices the Data Analytics practice differently. The customer is up and center, rather than the product.

3. Lastly, we eat our money. Xerago has been applying these analytics techniques on our clients’ marketing programs for over the last 15+ years. Some of these techniques are not widely known. Some are used only in internal workshops for prospects.

But we have generously sprinkled the Guide with our secret sauce.

Talk to your analytics team about integrating these models into your marketing effort. Or we are happy to talk to them for you. Or rapturous, if you hire us to implement them for you! Leave your details, and we’ll get back to you.

How to use this?

All strategies are for specific marketing outcomes. Pick the right one to use for desired insights.

6 Prospect-to-Customer Conversion Strategies are under Audience Discovery and Lead Conversion sections. Optimize Offers to nudge prospects over with strong lollipops.

Lookalike and Marketing Mix modeling use existing customer data to profile new audiences, plan marketing strategy. Why reinvent the wheel, right?

Ever since the pandemic struck, CMOs are convinced the sun rises from the customer’s arse. Use Customer Engagement, Retention models to check customer’s brand perception.

Loyalty models to check just how strong it is. And oh! Also, for possible signs of defection.

Then there are bread and butter strategies for Lead Generation, Optimizing Marketing Mix and Conversion, Expanding wallet-share, Optimized Product Bundling, A/B and Multivariate Testing, Etc.

Convinced now?

We sure hope so. Whether you are new to Data Analytics, or a seasoned Marketing Head who has seen the benefits, this comprehensive guide will add value.
Please allow us to gently squeeze you for your contact details before you proceed to download.

We’ll definitely send you interesting stuff. But only occasionally. Do let us know if you don't hear from us within a week. We’ll kick some butt in our Outreach Division. And we promise not to misuse your data.

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