Reduce Spends. Produce Results


Streamline your distributed marketing efforts.

Set up a virtual Marketing Center of Excellence(CoE). A remote team that works closely with the CMO’s office and bridges the various marketing operations into an orchestrated marketing effort.

Why virtual Marketing CoE?

There was a time when marketing was simple. Hire an agency. They would do everything. The marketing team’s job was simple. Manage the agency. Approve media budgets. Approve creatives. Drive brand awareness. Or SOV. Or some other hard-to-decipher metric.


You have SEO Managers, Acquisition Managers, WebMasters, Mobile App Developers, Content Managers, Copywriters, Designers, Web Analysts, Data Modelers, Social Media Marketers, and many others ready to jump in to help!
Today even a small business uses a variety of tools and sometimes multiple vendors to cover the spectrum of marketing opportunities. From managing digital properties like websites, apps to managing social presence and measuring the activity with analytics, we are looking at a multi-skilled team. A team of highly specialised service providers and tools each purpose built for that marketing function.

Be a Leader

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Individually, they are great. Together, they are a headache.
As a CMO, your job is to manage your organization’s marketing initiatives to achieve your goals. You have strategic clarity around what to do. The real problem is not managing your individual marketing initiatives. The real problem is connecting the dots. Your marketing loses momentum primarily at the points of intersection.

A virtual marketing CoE can consolidate the various moving parts by maintaining a singular narrative. Here are 5 ways a virtual marketing CoE improve your marketing efficiency.


Technology in Cryptro.

Meet Cryptro System

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  • Connectivity across payments networks
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Privacy Is Priority

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Connectivity across payments networks

Instant, on-demand settlement

Real-time traceability of funds

Xerago Virtual marketing CoE is time-tested across multiple geographies and organisation cultures.  Here are some case studies.

Case Studies

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