Conceptualize and implement ways to target organizations' existing customers to maximize value from them.

Most organizations have tried customer service, cross-sell and up-sell to target existing customers. With little success. That is because historically organizations have focused on their business needs to grow value, and not on customers’ changing needs.


When is a customer in need of a specific product / service?

What is their propensity to buy?

How do you even identify this without the customer explicitly raising this?

Do you even know when a customer relationship is declining or plateauing?

When you infer some of this, what are the actions to take to influence customers?

100s of customer signals are out there to be inferred and acted upon

Organizations require

cutting-edge technology, sophisticated AI and analytics, and persuasive communication to analyse, target and persuade customers.

Xerago does not just possess the skillsets to do this, but also understands how to bring
it all together to truly help organizations derive value from existing customers.

Cutting-edge technology, sophisticated AI &
analytics and persuasive communication, effectively
stitched together – Xerago does it all

To implement Customer Value consulting,

Xerago analyses your

to conceptualize and reinvent the existing customer value equation.

Xerago helps you analyse, conceptualize and reinvent the existing customer value equation.

Unlike consulting firms which limit themselves to advice which is hard-to-implement, you can be sure that Xerago’s Customer Value Consulting recommendations are hard-hitting, implementable, and reach you with a clear implementation plan.

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