Automate marketing processes to target existing customers omni-channel, with near-zero human intervention


Targeting existing customers at scale involves complexity that cannot be solved by technology out-of-the-box. One persistent problem is that of coherence. How can organizations ensure that every existing customer sees the same message wherever s/he turns? Seems trivial, but is fiendishly difficult to execute.

Xerago has extraordinary familiarity with the many ways to target customers to maximize response. By analyzing historical behaviors. By tracking statistical outliers to trigger campaigns. Through real-time analysis of user actions in the moment. By using statistical models.

To accomplish this, Xerago leverages a range of technologies.

Platforms that power communication channels

Email & Mobility

Social Media, Community and Inbound Marketing

Technologies that deliver operational value

Marketing Automation / Campaign Management

Content Management

E-Commerce Platforms

Digital Asset and Marketing Resource Management

Technologies that deliver operational value

Technologies that deliver operational value

Marketing Automation

Content Management

Digital Asset and Marketing

Campaign Management

E-Commerce Platforms

Resource Management

Technologies that deliver operational value

Technologies that power marketing analytics

Personalization, Creative Testing & Optimization

Customer Experience / Marketing / Web / Mobile / Social Analytics, Dashboards and Reports

Statistical Modeling, Machine Learning, and Data Mining Platforms

Marketing Data Marts / Customer OneView

Xerago's Campaign Services address the most challenging marketing roadblocks:

Create coherence omni-channel - Email, Text, Push, Voice, Websites and Mobile apps

Multiple exposures to influence response

Automate dedupes across exposures

Event-triggered messages

Interactive real-time marketing communication

Maintain a common contact and response history across channels

Target different audience levels - accounts, customers, or households

Different calls-to-action with one outcome

All this results in meaningful engagement with your existing customers to influence and persuade them to keep increasing their value to your organization.

Xerago’s Campaign services can replace, augment, or support your teams to leverage your infrastructure to run the most complex campaigns with ease. And if you don’t have your infrastructure in place, we will also set it up for you. We have done it for over a hundred global organizations.



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