60+ IBM Consultants

30+ IBM Platforms Implementations

100+ Clients Served Using IBM Platforms

IBM has one of the most sophisticated marketing technology stacks in the world. Xerago has partnered with IBM on more than 100 global customers.

Whether your organization has recently implemented IBM Campaign or IBM Watson Campaign Automation, or you are a long-time user of IBM Campaign / IBM Watson Campaign Automation (Affinium, if you even remember that), Xerago can be a partner of choice to

Run more sophisticated lights-out campaigns

Target more effective personalized communication, at more sharply defined micro-segments

Use omni-channel capabilities better - with multiple campaign exposures each coherent with the other

Or may be you want to use the more advanced capabilities of IBM Campaign / IBM Watson Campaign Automation

Execute trigger campaigns based on event-detection using IBM Campaign / IBM Watson Campaign Automation Detect / IBM Opportunity Detect

Run interactive real-time personalization on inbound channels using IBM Campaign / IBM Watson Campaign Automation Interact / IBM

Execute campaigns based on channel capacity, contact history, and cost of contact using inputs from Silverpop / EMessage / IBM Watson Campaign Automation

Or, may be you are challenged in terms of surround systems

Better predicting models to score customers, using SPSS or SAS

Integrate marketing generated leads to CRM systems such as Salesforce, SAP CRM, or Microsoft Dynamics

Integrate marketing campaigns omnichannel using emerging channels like Google Home / Amazon Alexa / Chatbots or even old generation mobile push notifications

Design 20 different creative variants for different segments to improve response rates

Regardless of your challenge, Xerago has expertise in managing IBM Campaign / IBM Watson Campaign Automation Campaigns at scale, targeting large customer bases.

We have done this for some of the largest brands in the world. Citibank, Intel, PayPal, HDFC Bank, Celcom, Starhub, and others.

We have optimized and improved response rates even for much-run campaigns through smarter marketing thinking and fresh new approaches

We have automated repetitive manual processes and simplified marketing operations to scale better

We have robust processes to understand your marketing needs, with high quality marketing briefs administered by our CVM Consultants, and campaigns planned, designed, created, and executed by our Campaign Management Teams.

We do all this as a Center of Excellence

delivered using a cost-effective hybrid-shore model - programs onshore / onsite and marketing operations
teams offshore in India.

If you think we can augment your capability to maximize value from your marketing strategies to target your customers more effectively using your existing investments in IBM Campaign / IBM Watson Campaign Automation, we would love to get involved.



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