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Case Summary


Exponentially grow and reach the league of top 5 banks in India

People Deployed

Business Analyst, Functional Consultant, Technical Consultant, Campaign Managers, Quality Analysts, Database Architect, Software Engineers

Processes Deployed

Campaign Briefing Process, Campaign Design Process, Segmentation Process, Task Handover Process, Contact Policy Setup, System-System Handoff Process, System-Human Handoff Process, System Upgradation Process, Patch Management Process, Quality Assurance Process

Technologies Used

IBM Campaign, IBM Interact, IBM Detect, Silverpop, Siebel CRM, Adobe Experience Manager

Analytics Used



Kotak Bank is a private sector bank in India. Kotak Mahindra group has been one of India's most reputed financial conglomerates. In February 2003, Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd, the group's flagship company was given the license to carry on banking business by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). This approval created banking history since Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd. is the first non-banking finance company in India to convert itself in to a bank as Kotak Bank Ltd. Kotak Bank has over 440 branches and 967 ATMs, which are spread all over India, not just in the metros but in Tier II cities and rural India as well.


Kotak Bank was aspiring to grow exponentially to enter in to the league of top 5 banks in India. Having started late on marketing automation and campaign management vis-a-vis the competition, Kotak Bank wanted to move at a faster pace to surpass the early adopters. Kotak Bank had just procured IBM Campaign, Interact, Detect and Silverpop licenses and was looking for a partner to implement and help on campaign management processes on an ongoing basis. Xerago, being IBM's preferred MarTech Management vendor was roped in to as marketing automation and campaign management partner.


In order to achieve the objective, Xerago proposed a three pronged approach.

  • Phase 1 [0-3 Months]: Implementation of IBM Campaign and integrating with existing channels for faster time to market
  • Phase 2 [4-9 Months]: Creation of Marketing DataMart, implementation of IBM Detect and integration with Silverpop
  • Phase 3 [13-24 Months]: Implement IBM Interact and integrate 4 channels

Phase 1

In the first phase, Xerago implemented, configured and customized IBM Campaign in three environments viz., Development, Test and Production. Xerago made necessary customization on the IBM Campaign during deployment and set up routines for migration - from development to test to production.  Xerago configured Do Not Call management in IBM Campaign, set up campaign prioritization logic, deployed response attribution procedures and created a customized contact history for 1 year.

Phase 2

In the second phase, Xerago analyzed 30 different data sources at Kotak Bank, developed an Online Data Store and wrote ETL programs to source data from these sources and store in the Online Data Store.

Xerago integrated IBM Campaign and Detect with this Online Data Store so that these platforms would access the data, perform segmentation and increase campaign relevancy. Xerago also implemented IBM Detect and Silverpop and integrated email, SMS, mobile push notification and web portal with Silverpop.

Phase 3

In the third phase, Xerago implemented IBM Interact and integrated Email, SMS and ATM Campaign Manager channels. Real-time personalization in the website is powered by IBM Interact and rendered by Adobe Experience Manager.

After the end of the implementation, Xerago was asked to continue manage these platforms on a Managed Services model. Xerago upgraded the EMM environment twice in 24 months to cater to the increasingly complex
requirements of Kotak Bank.

As part of another system integration requirement, Xerago integrated the EMM platforms with Oracle Siebel which is used as the bank's Operational CRM. This was done to ensure the Relationship Managers were able to do a sales pitch after successful resolution of an operational query.

Happy with Xerago's efforts, Kotak Bank wanted to leverage the licenses obtained for the bank and use it for Kotak Mutual and Kotak Life. Towards this, Xerago created multiple partitions in a single implementation so that same campaign environment is used between 3 different entities of same parent company, without sharing of information between entities.

Xerago also went on adding more channels with Interact. As of now, Xerago had implemented 8 different channels with Interact, the first of its kind in India.


As a result of Xerago's interventions, Kotak Bank built a 20 member team (the bank prefers inhouse teams for every function) and the team is able to execute 1500 campaigns every month that puts the bank on the league of the top 5 banks in the country.