Case Summary


Track and report visitor behavior

People Deployed

Business Analyst, Web Analysts

Processes Deployed

Tracking Code Generation Process, Tagging Process, Reporting Templates, Reporting SLAs

Technologies Used

Drupal, Adobe Flex, Satmetrix

Analytics Used

Adobe Analytics, Adobe DTM, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager


Our client, the world leader in silicon innovation, develops processor technologies and supports global initiatives to continually advance how people work and live. Our client is an American global technology company and the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker, based on revenue. They combine advanced chip design capability with a leading-edge manufacturing capability.


Our client Intel was looking to understand user behavior in its research portal and wanted to create a dashboard that would help derive insights. It had a research portal that contained thousands of articles, whitepapers, etc. written by experts in various fields. Though our client knew that a large number of students and developers used the resources in the portal, they did not have a mechanism to measure success parameters. Xerago was roped in to manage this assignment.


Xerago worked with the client and gained a complete understanding of the current situation and the stakeholders’ requirements. We saw that success parameters could only be established by linking the various content units to key metrics. An approved list of key metrics was created. Xerago then designed dashboard templates to fit these metrics.

Xerago had to map the click stream data (page requests of users/ browsing history) to a meaningful success metrics and build a dashboard.

Over a three month window, Xerago created a graphically- rich dashboard application for displaying the key metrics on article consumption pattern, user journey within the portal and other insights.

Xerago also created a highly personalized, customizable and easily configurable reports. The dashboard provided options for the stakeholders to drill down and extract information from the last stage. After this, Xerago went on to deploy a blogging engine on the portal to improve engagement with the users.

Some of the key insights include,

  • Users responded positively to the depth of information and overall relevancy of the documentation
  • Site visitors were turned off by the haphazard site navigation, poor load times and less than helpful support documentation
  • NPS was negative 2.7

The negative feedback spurred a turnaround at our client’s Senior Management. Based on critical findings from the post survey analysis, Xerago recommended drastic changes to the layout of IDZ – Site navigation was simplified significantly; Site overheads underwent drastic cuts; and Software Support Documentation was overhauled from the ground up to appeal to the users’ sensibilities.


  • Daily and weekly dashboards that empowered business managers to make insights-led decisions
  • Record time development of dashboard
  • Improved engagement
  • Improved NPS

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