Case Summary


Maximize portal yield, organically

People Deployed

Business Analyst, Functional Consultant, Content Management Executive, Web Analysts

Processes Deployed

Tracking Process, Mobile Yield Management Process, Creative Performance Monitoring Process, Creative Swapping Process

Technologies Used

Interwoven Content Management System

Analytics Used

Adobe Analytics, Adobe DTM


Our client has been present in the Czech Republic since 1991 (at that time Czechoslovakia) and became one of the first foreign banks operating in the country with a corporate banking focus, and eventually expanded to retail banking. Our client wanted to grow organically in the Czech market with no paid acquisitions.


Our client had a decent functional website and had been receiving significant organic as well as search traffic. However, the number of leads expected for Cards and Loans products from the portal were plateauing. Wanting to grow organically without any paid acquisitions, this created business pressure and Xerago was invited to solve this issue.


Having been worked with other clients in different markets in maximizing yield from portals, Xerago exactly knew the areas that had to be improved in order to get the lead generation momentum back. Xerago made the following interventions.

  • Deployed click-to-call functionality on key pages to maximize yield from mobile traffic
  • Deployed acquisition banners on logout screen leading customers to lead generation forms, to maximize yield from post-login traffic
  • Ended chat messages with lead gen call-to-actions
  • Promoted offers in ghost pages
  • Implemented lead generation CTAs on mega menu
  • Deployed creative refreshes for maximum exposure
  • Included form overlay for search traffic
  • Included acquisition form links on e-statements

After making these interventions lead generation for both cards and loans drastically started improving. On an ongoing basis, Xerago kept optimizing communication, creative and creative placements.


  • 44% and 39% month-on-month increase in portal leads for cards and loans respectively
  • In comparison with the Singapore market’s portal yield which is the benchmark for our client, following lift were demonstrated
  • Cards yield from home: 1% against benchmark of 0.7%
  • Cards yield from cards home: 15.9% against benchmark of 6.7%
  • Cards yield from cards form: 28.5% against benchmark of 22.1%
  • Similarly for Loans yield, following lift were demonstrated
  • Loans yield from home: 1.1% against benchmark of 0.2%
  • Loans yield from cards home: 21.6% against benchmark of 6.9%
  • Loans yield from cards form: 77.1% against benchmark of 16.4%

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