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The Benefits of Xerago's Marketing CoE


Xerago's Marketing Center of Excellence brings many benefits to marketers affecting velocity, efficiency, costs, engagement and flexibility.

Boost Marketing Velocity and Efficiency

How often have you wondered "why is there so much disconnect between me and my agencies - which in turn affects the velocity and the efficiency of my marketing efforts?"


Redundant processes and communication gaps slow down marketing velocity and reduce efficiency, particularly when working with multiple point solution agencies.


Detailed models for every activity, based on the scope of work, are built when Xerago's Marketing Center of Excellence is set up, and micro / macro-level processes for each activity involved, clearly defined.


Defining and validating processes ahead of starting the engagement eliminates any potential speed bumps in processes that may affect marketing velocity.


The roles and responsibilities of each person are clearly defined with clear tagging of all stakeholders involved.


For easy approvals and to eliminate any communication gaps, the use of mutually agreed-upon briefs, approval and reporting templates are made mandatory.


To improve the quality of deliveries and the efficiency of marketing operations, all tasks (including iterations / rejection of tasks) are tracked and reviewed at regular intervals to optimize deliveries. This optimizes marketing efficiency.

Optimize People, Processes and Tech Costs

Do you engage with multiple partners for platform licenses, implementation, professional services or technical maintenance?

You probably are paying a lot more than you need to!

Point solution agencies specialize only in specific areas or services resulting in brands needing to engage with multiple partners and paying more for each skill/service.

The pricing of an agency includes every cost involved in servicing a brand. For instance, every agency will include an Account Manager's cost in their pricing. When you work with multiple agencies you end up paying for multiple Account Managers!

Xerago's Marketing Center of Excellence handles this in two ways

  • One - you will have a dedicated cross-functional team with expertise across the entire gamut of marketing services. You will have one dedicated Account Manager with a cross-functional understanding, who can understand and communicate requirements across functions and get the work done on a daily basis. This prevents the need for working with multiple agencies and paying for redundant skills.
  • Next, in Xerago's Marketing CoE, you will NOT be charged separately for platform licenses, platform implementation / customization, technical maintenance and for professional services for using the platforms.
  • All these costs are discounted and consolidated into one single bill resulting in your paying significantly less than you would otherwise pay if you had worked with multiple point solution providers.

Common Marketing and Tech goals to Eliminate any Discrepancy

When you do marketing inhouse and you send a request to the tech team to process your campaign, your tech team might not do it at once. They have their own priorities - for them, marketing is just another internal stakeholder. And that slows things down for you.

In Xerago's Marketing Center of Excellence, the tech function has only one client - the marketing team. So your request is always the number one priority! Moreover, pre-determined SLA / TAT for every task dependent on the IT team gives marketers absolute clarity on timelines.

This ensures that the marketing team gets all tech-related deliveries on time with ZERO conflict or lag.

Scale Up / Down Resources as per Business Priorities

Have you wondered why you should waste time trying to find and assign work to your agency simply because they need something to do?

scale 1

FTE contracts are usually rigid and time-bound and you may end up managing them to just to justify spends.

scale 2

We understand the effort required to market a brand to its prospects and customers. This will be influenced by internal factors such as the launch of a new product, the upgradation of an existing product, a change in focus and business targets set by the management.

scale 3

External factors such as political and economic changes or even a pandemic like Covid-19, have a great impact as well.

scale 4

Xerago's Marketing Center of Excellence offers flexibility for brands to up or down-size teams at meetings of the Steering Committee that happen every month or quarter.

scale 5

When the need arises to quickly scale up your marketing efforts, we can upsize the size of the team. Similarly, when your business needs to go easy on marketing and cut costs, we can downsize the team at short notice, thereby offering you the utmost flexibility.