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Enterprise Marketing Management for HDFC Bank | Xerago



HDFC Bank is one of India's leading private banks and was among the first to receive approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to set up a private sector bank in 1994. HDFC Bank offers a diverse range of financial products and banking services to customers through a growing branch and ATM network and digital channels such as Netbanking, Phonebanking and MobileBanking. One of India's largest banks by market capitalization and by assets HDFC Bank serves more than 50 million customers.


HDFC Bank's success and rapid growth led to the constant introduction of a varied set of product and service lines. HDFC Bank was looking to market its growing products & services to leverage its customer base to optimize returns and bottom-line revenue, and increase customer profitability through deeper, stronger customer relationships.

The bank was running around 100 campaigns annually on the then existing base of 30 Million customers. The number of campaigns was highly insufficient and failed to evoke sufficient returns from base marketing and CRM efforts. Considering the multiple formats and variety of data across a plethora of systems that housed transactional product data, the data warehouse and operational CRM systems like Talisma the IT Team was manually generating the data required for the campaigns.

HDFC Bank decided that marketing automation was the key to building marketing velocity that in turn would leverage opportunities better and maximize profitability from existing customers. No bank had invested on marketing automation then in 2003 and Xerago was chosen as the marketing automation partner.


Starting the assignment on 2003, Xerago worked with Unica and helped procure appropriate number of licenses for each of Model, Campaign, Optimize and Detect platforms that were part of the Affinium Suite. Since then, for over a decade, Xerago continued to manage and augment the Enterprise Marketing Management platform with its Martech Management Solution.


  • Implemented Affinium Model to score customers for cross-sell models
  • Supported 5 campaigns per month


  • Standardized campaign management process
  • Integrated email, sms and call center channels
  • Increased volume of usable database
  • Scaled up campaign operations to 20 campaigns per month


  • Revision of campaign management process
  • Set up a Quality Assurance framework for campaign management
  • Took over from Unica and started providing technical and functional support for all modules
  • Scaled to 40 campaigns per month


  • Set up marketing Online Data Store
  • Engaged on strategic data mining
  • Developed ETL scripts
  • Created reusable segments and campaigns
  • Added newer dimensions in customer data
  • Scaled to 50 campaigns per month


  • Provided consulting to improve campaign volume and efficiency
  • Built customer lifestage models
  • Moved from product to customer focus to prevent campaign fatigue
  • Scaled to 100 campaigns per month


  • Implemented Unica Detect for Event Based Marketing
  • Defined and configured triggers
  • Ran Unica Detect proof of concept on premium segment
  • Scaled to 150 campaigns per month


  • Developed 40 triggers on Unica Detect
  • Built additional segments for creation of trigger campaigns
  • Increased licenses from 1 Million to 5 Million
  • Scaled to 210 campaigns per month


  • Built Customer One View
  • Provided Next Best Action on a daily basis
  • Scaled to 220 campaigns per month


  • Developed new customer segments
  • Unica version upgrade from 7 to 8.5
  • Parameterized triggers
  • Started maintaining test bed
  • Scaled to 250 campaigns per month


  • Rolled out campaigns across entire lifecycle
  • Optimized Unica Detect licenses
  • Simultaneous hardware, operation system and database upgrade
  • Optimization of trigger runs


  • Event based marketing scripts migration to Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Integrated IBM Campaign (Unica was bought over by IBM) with IBM Netezza appliance for performance improvement
  • Optimized responses


  • Focus shift on real time campaigns
  • Mask customer data for enhanced security


  • Expanded campaign operations team to scale campaigns
  • Scaled to 300+ campaigns per month



HDFC Bank was able to scale from 100 campaigns an year to 300+ campaigns in a month.

Optimal volume of communication to customers is resulting in increased value and size of portfolio. Customer dissonance is down based on inbound call volume drop. Operational workload is down with more targeted, customer initiated campaigns. Overall, HDFC Bank is leveraging Marketing Automation better, using more intelligence, and less force.

During a 2 year window in the engagement, the campaigns resulted in the following benefits

  • Savings Account Balance Build up had contributed 26% to portfolio achievement
  • Salary Account Balance Build up had contributed 56% to portfolio achievement
  • Net Banking Activations had contributed 59% to portfolio achievement
  • Debit Card Activations had contributed 78% to portfolio achievement