Xerago was hired by a Global Tech Company to oversee the performance of Developer Zone and provide Analytics and Reporting services.

"The client is an American global technology company and the world's largest semiconductor chip maker, based on revenue. The company combines advanced chip design capability with a leading-edge manufacturing capability."


"The client wanted to gain insights about their Developer Zone (IDZ), an international online program designed to encourage and support independent software vendors in developing applications for its hardware and software products."


Xerago was hired by the company to oversee the performance of their Developer Zone(IDZ) and provide Analytics and Reporting services. Xerago evaluated the scale of mediums that needed to be analyzed and narrowed down Abode Analytics as the ideal tool to leverage to meet their requirement.
Towards this, Xerago in total provides 16 different reports that provide insights about specific parts of the IDZ. The analytics reports provided are as below...
  • IDZ Active Developers Dashboard
  • IDZ Hot Topics weekly summary
  • IDZ BI Report
  • DPD Report – Segment
  • Internet of Things
  • Android
  • DPD Support
  • RealSense
  • IDZ Chinese language Summary
  • DPD Product
  • HTML5
  • Windows
  • Game Development
  • Pams
  • Server Developer
  • Networking
Xerago identified key zones of the IDZ as below: 1. Android 2. Internet of things 3. RealSense 4. Windows 5. HTML5 6. Server developer 7. Game development 8. Networking
For all the above zones, reports were provided with detailed data that covered key metrics like pages, traffic sources, Geo-wise, country specific and number of downloads. Under the IDZ, were 16 different products and for each of the 16 products, Xerago provided 3 specific reports. The following are the reports provided for each IDZ Product.
DPD Product
The report contains the detailed traffic for each product like basic metrics, traffic sources, countries and the key thing in the report is downloads of each product. IDZ have trial version downloads which is free for 30 days and they also have purchase version, for this downloads as well Xerago provided detailed reports.
DPD Support
These reports analysed and provided insights into all the supporting articles and forums that are linked with each of the 16 products of IDZ
DPD Segment
Each IDZ product is divided into 5 segments. Xerago provided details data into key metrics like traffic source, country, download etc. for each segment of each product as well.


"The company was able to create user experience that closely matched visitor expectations and increase average time of visit A better understanding of how and why users were engaging with website content Understand user sentiments and opinions about the brand’s program "

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