Xerago virtual Marketing Centre of Excellence


Out model is primarily driven by the virtual CoE.

Marketing Orchestration model

The CoE will manage every identified aspect of marketing initiatives  for prospects and customers.

The CoE will program manage and augment delivery gaps if needed. Thought Leaders will share best practices, top performing creatives, new campaign ideas, better data use, micro-segments, digital presence opportunities, content suggestions, and other sources of insight and knowledge to help the local digital teams to perform better.

Marketing Orchestration with VCoE

Key Value Outcomes

  • Improved data qualityIntegrated prospect and customer data resulting in low/nil dupes. Directly link revenue back to various marketing activities.
  • Unified marketing campaignsSingle version of truth for prospects, visitors, customers. Measure KPI growth on traffic to conversion across different campaigns and channels.
  • Seamless marketing opsSLA-driven daily TAT, Queue Management & Agile Project Management. All parameters leading to continous improvement
  • Continous visibilityTrack journeys across customer lifecycle and respond with alacrity across granular micro segments.