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How Xerago's Marketing CoE Works

Setting up Xerago's Marketing CoE is NOT as complex or time-consuming as an IT transformation project. It takes less than six weeks to set up a right-sized CoE for you.

How It Works

Xerago's Marketing CoE Lifecycle



  • Understand marketing goals and current capabilities. Map and identify gaps.
  • Agree upon vendors who can't be replaced.
  • Plan a right-sized CoE based on identified gaps.


  • Setup a Steering Committee and agree upon SLAs and processes.
  • Setup a CoE team with required skillsets.
  • Fix process gaps by deploying missing pieces.
  • Equip team members with machines that can be securely connected over a VPN.
  • Do a proof of concept and move on to BAU mode.

BAU Operations

  • The CoE SPOC is briefed.
  • SPOC confirms understanding of brief with the initiator.
  • SPOC communicates brief to the CoE team.
  • CoE team members access MarTech and Analytics platforms securely.
  • CoE team completes tasks and delivers Quality-Checked output.

Course Corrections

  • The Steering Committee meets periodically.
  • Processes and deliveries are reviewed.
  • Improvement areas and corrective measures are identified.

Bandwidth Re-scaling

The Steering Committee meets annually to review operations and decides if the CoE engagement needs any modifications based on business priorities or market conditions.