How a CoE Works

Setting up a Marketing CoE is NOT as complex or time consuming as an IT transformation project. It takes only about 4-6 weeks to setup a right-sized CoE for you.


Marketing CoE Lifecycle



  • Understand marketing goals and current capabilities. Map and identify gaps.
  • Agree upon vendors who can't be replaced.
  • Plan a right-sized CoE based on identified gaps.


  • Setup a Steering Committee and agree upon SLAs and processes.
  • Setup a CoE team with required skillsets.
  • Fix process gaps by deploying missing pieces.
  • Equip team members with machines that can be securely connected over a VPN.
  • Do a proof of concept and move on to BAU mode.

BAU Operations

  • The CoE SPOC is briefed.
  • SPOC confirms understanding of brief with the initiator.
  • SPOC communicates brief to the CoE team.
  • CoE team members access MarTech and Analytics platforms securely.
  • CoE team completes tasks and delivers Quality-Checked output.

Course Corrections

  • The Steering Committee meets periodically.
  • Processes and deliveries are reviewed.
  • Improvement areas and corrective measures are identified.

Bandwidth Rescaling

The Steering Committee meets annually to review operations and decides if the CoE engagement needs any modifications based on business priorities or market conditions.